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  1. Elna eXpressive 920

    The Elna eXpressive 920 is the new top model that combines both sewing and embroidery. For extreme versatility, The Elna 920 is the ultimate tool for success whether in sewing, embroidering, quilting or home decorating.

    Create embroidery like never before with its 350 built-in embroidery patterns and 10 monogram fonts and two or three letters monograming. A deluxe hoop with a maximum size of 230 x 300 mm and embroidery speed up to 1000 stitches per minute, allows you to achieve great creations faster than ever before.

    Thanks to the high quality precision construction, utilizing light weight aircraft aluminum and advanced robotic embroidery technology, users will enjoy their sewing projects and especially eXpress their creativity!

    Advanced quilters, sewing enthusiasts and interior decorators,  will all appreciate their ability to be Expressive. imagine having the ability to choose from 400 stitches and 13 fully automated buttonholes. The large work area on the Elna 920 is an added advantage for all major sewing projects that will bring you unparalleled comfort. Discover step by step this jewel of technology in peace without worrying about the technical aspect, the reliability of the eXpressive 920 will work with you in any situation!



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  2. Elna eXpressive 860

    The Elna eXpressive 860 meets all your needs. Ready to sew or embroider in a wink, it will help you create your projects with amazing ease. A large selection of embroidery patterns arrange in different categories with the ability to upload your own files, allow you to endlessly customize your projects. The eXpressive 860 will help you master any project and you can choose from its 200 stitches to finish your projects without any flaws.


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  3. Elna eXpressive 830


    Explore your creativity with the new eXpressive Elna 830, for the most advanced embroiderers!

    Easy to use, it allows you to customize all of your creations. With 160 built-in embroidery patterns and three fonts, the possibilities are endless, and you can give free rein to your creativity! Hoops of various sizes, offer a wide range of possibilities for creating and working on your projects. It is compatible with embroidery software, however, even without, you can easily create sophisticated embroidery at your leisure.

    The embroidery designs are easily imported from USB and edited on the LCD screen to allow you to edit them to your liking. Easily navigate among all the editing capabilities of the new eXpressive 830 and work on your embroidery designs, with the new high-definition screen. Watch the DVD to learn step-by-step how to use all the amazing features, have fun and enjoy!


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  4. Elna eXpressive 820

    The Elna eXpressive 820 is an embroidery only machine, that you can use to customize and personalize everything. Embroider recipes on kitchen towels or a favorite quote or poem on that boring throw cushion, possibilities are endless and once you start you will soon see ideas everywhere you look.


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  5. Elna eXcellence 760

    Sewing is a mode of expression that can inspire true works of art.

    With the Elna eXcellence 760, you can express your artistic dreams and multiply your creativity without obstacles. This computerized sewing machine will be your best ally because of the stitch width that is adjustable to 9 mm. Sewing virtuosos appreciate the range of 270 stitches the eXcellence 760, that include 40 that are exclusive to Elna and easily accessible for quick viewing under the cover of the machine. 760 and hotkeys of the screen

    Specially designed for large projects of sewing and quilting, the Elna 760 includes an extra-long free arm and a very large sewing space. Expect pure comfort and perfect functionality. This machine is very powerful and very fast, and is ideal not only for professionals and seamstresses but for quilters, home décor or any passionate fashionista who appreciates every detail done to perfection.

    A world to explore:
    The Elna eXcellence has all the features a knowledgeable seamstress demands. LCD screen with a ten direct selection key, 120 stitches and an automatic thread cutter, indispensable for all your quilting and patchwork sewing projects. Discover all the creative artistic possibilities for your sewing machine and perfect your projects thanks to the eXcellence 760.


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  6. Elna eXcellence 740

    The Elna 740 eXcellence, for the love of art!

    Sewing is not a minor art. It is a mode of expression in its own right, which may be inspired by true works of art.

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  7. Elna eXcellence 730

    If you are a professional seamstress, a passionate fabric artist or an avid quilter, the new Elna 730 computer sewing machine is designed specifically for you. 

    Built on the Elna 760 platform, the elna 730 is equipped with all the basic features a professional sewist will appreciate. Large all metal light weight aluminum frame, drop in rotary hook, push button auto thread trimmer, quiet extra powerful motor, extra high presser foot lifter, Top and bottom dual feeding system “for perfect feeding with no puckers”. and push button auto needle threader. This extra large free arm gives you lots of luxurious space for sewing large projects, all in conjunction with 9 mm stitch width. The Elna 730 offers plenty of opportunities for creative excellence.


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  8. Elna eXcellence 680

    An irreproachable stitch quality, easy access to all essential features and 170 divers stiches will meet all of your needs.

    You will enjoy at every sewing time, impressive stability and comfort by using the new eXcellence 680. Designed to follow every users moves, this robust new model is efficient and ensures all kind of demands.

    The new eXcellence 680 will allow you to explore peacefully and hassle free your sewing skills!


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  9. Elna eXperience 580

    Elna is proud to introduce a new machine to their premium line of sewing products. The eXperience 580 has the power, precision and convenience you need to discover your creative potential. Sewists will enjoy both the speed of this machine as well as its quiet and smooth operation. 120 built-in stitches and 7 one-step buttonholes give you the perfect range of stitches for any task and the built-in needle threader will help save time. The eXperience 580 has expansive room for both sewing and storing accessories. Sewists can enjoy a 7mm stitch width, large sewing room and an exclusive pocket door for storage. This powerful machine includes cutting-edge features to make your sewing much easier. Sewists can utilize the automatic thread cutter, easy reverse button, speed control slider and the memorized needle up/down buttons to make sure their sewing projects are easy to create and trouble-free. 

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  10. Elna 7200 Pro Sewing Machine

    Please note: The 7200 Pro, is only available through in store purchase, please call 1-800-661-1801.

    Since the very beginning sewing involved passion and creativity, we know you have them both and we want to help you create your unique clothes and decors that anyone will love. Now sewing is much easier than in the past because now we have the technology that works for us. Elna Pro 7200 will take care of the technological part of the process and you’ll only need to do the creative part and choose the most suitable decorative stitch for each garment, collar or cuff that you sew.


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  11. Elna 7300 Pro Quilting Queen

     The Elna 7300 is ideal for  "Professional" use and has unique features:

    - The highest quality of all household, computerized sewing machines.

    - "AcuFeed" system which feeds fabric from the top and bottom evenly.

    - Large work surface.

    Thanks to the strength and durability the Elna 7300 will satisfy all the requirements of professionals.

    Elna products subject to strict rules and quality control!


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  12. Elna EasyCover

    MSRP Price: 999.00

    Special Price: 898.00

    You Save: 10%

    Elna’s new EasyCover machine, is the world’s easiest and most reliable cover-stitch machine. 
    With its easy threading and modern design, this new generation of cover stitch machine, is the ideal sewing tool to work easily, and get professional results instantly!



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  13. Elna Lotus Sewing Machine

    Elna Lotus is the machine that you’ve always dreamed of. It has solid shutters so you can create a table and keep it protected when it's not in use. The Lotus is very easy to transport due to its integrated storage space for all the accessories and the compact and light design it provides. The needle bar is intelligently positioned in the centre of the machine so you have extra space to manipulate the fabric. The machine comes with advanced features like the thread cutter, the spindle spool that is incorporated in the head of the machine and an automatic needle threader. Don’t forget about the user friendly interface and the clear instructions that make this machine a great one.

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