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Sewing Machine Trade In Offer by Janome Flyer

We are very pleased to introduce TOYOTA Sewing Machines!


TOYOTA started manufacturing sewing machines in the year 1946. This same company went on to manufacture TOYOTA cars and trucks in 1959.


Now TOYOTA has over 40,000 employees and has a global reputation of consistent reliable quality.


The history of TOYOTA started in 1933 with the Toyoda Automatic Loom. Although the founding family’s name is Toy-o-da , the company name was changed because the name TOYOTA is considered to be luckier than Toyoda , the reason for this is it takes eight strokes to write TOYOTA and eight is regarded as a lucky number in Japan.


The TOYOTA philosophy of keeping it simple and consistently reliable, resulted in TOYOTA sewing machines being very popular in Europe, Japan, Australia, Asia, Russia, Africa, and the middle East.


Toews Sewing is very honored to have been chosen by the director of TOYOTA Sewing USA, to represent the very first TOYOTA sewing dealer in Canada. There was a long list of criteria; however the fact that Calvin Toews personally services all the sewing machines on location at Toews sewing was key to following TOYOTA’S customer service platform.