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EnlargeThank You from Toews SewingEnlarge(Left) Scott Girling, Now Retired, Sales Director, Janome Canada
(Right) Calvin Toews, Toews Sewing
Enlarge#1 Single Largest Janome Dealer -
In The World Award.
Dear Toews Sewing,

As my retirement draws nearer, I would like to congratulate Toews Sewing on many outstanding achievements related to your role as a Janome Dealer over the past twenty years. Toews Sewing was Canada’s #1 largest single location sewing dealer for the past 19 of 20 years. As you know I love hockey. Who on earth wins the Stanley Cup 19 of 20 years?

My greatest memory of Toews Sewing was the year you not only won the largest dealer in Canada award. That year, Toews Sewing was also the single largest Janome dealer in the world! That accomplishment caught the attention of Mr. Seiki, President of Janome Global.

Mr. Seiki was so incredibly impressed, he traveled to Canada accompanied by 21 global Janome delegates to congratulate you personally. The most important people in Janome’s Global family gathered at Toews Sewing in Abbotsford BC to watch Mr. Seiki himself present you, Calvin Toews, with Japan’s top honor, the Double Samurai Sword. The 21 delegates included the Janome presidents of the UK, Russia, Middle East, Australia, South America, India as well as the Janome USA President Mr. Asahara, Executive Vice President Mr. Randy Thomas and of course our own President of Janome Canada, Mr. David Manierka.

It’s so great to see Toews Sewing still having fun and winning yearly sales awards after 67 years in business.

Best regards

Now Retired,
Sale Director,
Janome Canada


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the kind words. We could not have accomplished the incredible winning streak without your assistance and the support of the great team at Janome Canada. Our hat goes off to Rolly and Karen Cowan at Red Deer Sewing for winning Canada’s #1 largest Janome dealer (single location) two years ago.

We would also like to congratulate Janome’s consistent multi-store kings, Brad and Craig St. Pierre at Johnson's Sewing Centre in Edmonton, and Mr. Steven Rice from Sewing World Calgary.

Best regards,