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Finishing Touches

The beading foot is designed to sew bead or pearl strands onto a garment or project. Available in two different sizes, a narrow groove for beads or pearls less than 2mm and a wide groove foot for beads or pearls 2.5mm - 4.0 mm.

Many times as sewsts, one a project has been completed, we stand back and say, "Something is missing. I wish I would have inserted some piping for a more dramatic look." For this project, we were looking for a bit of sparkle, so we strung bugle beads onto beading nylon monofilament and couched the beads on top of the fabric using a zigzag stitch. The width and length of the stitch was adjusted according to the size of the beads.

The featured machine for this project was the DC2007LE Decor Computerized Sewing Machine.


Supplies Required:

Finished project (the featured project is Amy Butler's In Town Bag from the Smart Bag patter)

Pre-strung beads, pearls or make your own combination of beads.

Monofilament thread

All-purpose sewing thread to match project #11/75

Blue Tip needle

Washout fabric marker



Insert a Blue Tip #11 needle.

Wind a bobbin with all-purpose sewing thread.

Place monofilament thread in needle and bobbin, and all-purpose thread, in the bobbin holder.

Snap on the Beading foot according to the Bead size..

Select a ZigZag stitch - adjust the stitch width so that the right swing of the needle passes the width of the bead (between 2-3).

Draw a design on the material where the string of beads or pearls will be attached.

Note:For the featured project, the design on the project was used as a pattern to place the beads.

Sew over the beads or pearls wile guiding the material along the drawn line.


Other Options:

The beading feet can be used to attach thick cords instead of string of beads or pearls. Rather than drawing a design, follow the pattern of a print to further embellish.