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Elna Lotus Sewing Machine

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Elna Lotus is the machine that you’ve always dreamed of. It has solid shutters so you can create a table and keep it protected when it's not in use. The Lotus is very easy to transport due to its integrated storage space for all the accessories and the compact and light design it provides. The needle bar is intelligently positioned in the centre of the machine so you have extra space to manipulate the fabric. The machine comes with advanced features like the thread cutter, the spindle spool that is incorporated in the head of the machine and an automatic needle threader. Don’t forget about the user friendly interface and the clear instructions that make this machine a great one.

Elna history

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Elna Lotus Sewing Machine


Return The all-new Elna Lotus is a combination of computerized precision and ergonomic engineering, providing the best sewing experience. The new design includes robust side flaps which shield the machine from mechanical duress, and expand into a spacious extension table.

The automatic needle threading, automatic thread cutting and pop-up bobbin spool features add new dimensions to an already compact design. The accessory storage is handy and you can access it even whilst in the middle of sewing projects. Plus now we designed the needle bar to be placed right in the middle of the machine panel so you have much more room to maneuver the fabric on either side.

Portable, precise and backed by renowned industrial-grade quality of Elna – that’s the new Elna Lotus for you



Sewing on-the-go!

The brand new machine flaps and re-designed carry case make the new Elna Lotus simple to store and carry. With a simple push button, they open like petals of a flower on both sides to an expanded sewing workspace (hence the name!) Now you can start sewing with virtually no time needed to set your machine up. 

Sewing made easy

With a selection of 18 built-in stitches, including buttonholes, quilting stitches, patching, embellishments (for cuffs and links), appliqué and darning – decorative sewing is a pleasure on the Elna Lotus. You can make the classic keyhole and square buttonholes as well. Plus there are options of straight, stretch, overlocking (serging), zigzag, scallop edge and bridging stitches as well. Once you own your Elna Lotus you will never need another machine for your utility and decorative stitches. Just sew away and watch your stitches get a professional finish.Lotus machine closed panels

The extensive instruction manual details all the stitches, their recommended use, thread tension and other finer details so you just have to adjust the settings and not worry about the quality of work ever again.


Elna Lotus Features:

Unique design
18 Stitch selections
Rotary top loading bobbin
Preset and variable stitch length
Preset and variable stitch width
Electronic speed
Start/Stop control
Under bed thread cutter
Needle up/down control
1 step auto sizing buttonhole
7 piece feed dog
Built in needle threader
Drop feed facility
Stretch stitches
Satin stitches


Elna Lotus Standard Accessories:

Zig Zag foot
Zipper foot
Blind hem foot
Satin stitch foot
Narrow hem foot
Buttonhole foot Bobbins
Spool cap (L and S) Needle set
Lint brush
Seam ripper
Foot control
Instruction manual


  1. Such a great machine Review by Trina

    I absolutely love this machine! I love the fact that you can just flick a switch, and it opens up just like a Lotus flower! Storing it is great since it has a cover built on to the machine and it's so compact. I highly recommend this machine, It's great for everyday use, home decor and basic mending.

  2. Great machine and great for a beginner Review by Sarita

    I love the Lotus, as it’s such a small machine. I in fact bought it for my granddaughter, who’s only about 8 years old, and I’m delighted to say that she had no issues getting along with it.
    So here’s a few of the features of the machine that I think are top notch:
    It’s an electronic machine; this means that the sounds it emits while on are nothing compared to the groaning and the belching of my older model.
    It’s has a very visible on and off button on the front of the machine as well as thestitch display. Also, you can choose to operate it with a foot pedal or you can just as well operate it without it. This is great, gives my granddaughter options, and we’re both happy!
    The speed control option also works as good as you’d want it to – you can choose to go from very, very slow to high speeds, and therefore, whether she needs finesse or just raw speed, she’s got options.
    The Auto thread cutter also works without issues – just push a button and it’s done; no manual holding of the thread, no rear fiddling, you just press the button and it’s a done. She’s been using it for quite a while and she got no bird’s nest or any other mishap. Just wow!
    The bobbin is easy to take in and out, the view is clear and inserting it or taking it out is as easy as it gets.
    While I give her a helping hand, from today on she has my permission to use the machine all on her own, and she’s handling it like a champ. I don’t get nervous because the machine is well built, as I said, it has all the controls well placed and is just one of those machines that just work, no fiddling around needed, no issues with it at all. The directions, numbered simply, and logical just makes operation easy and safe. Can’t really beat it!

  3. Perfect Review by Takisha

    I've known about this machine for quite some time, but when I finally decided to buy it, I only had seen it in pictures. While not the cheapest around, I heard so much about it that I didn’t really lose any sleep over my decision to get it. I had the older Elna Lotus, and used constantly for the last 30 years, it's a smaller machine with a metal build. Anyway, to make a long story short, before I bought this one, I had fiddled around with a make shift machine I had to borough, and it sure wasn’t fun working with it. But I kind of made it happen… So, you can imagine when I found this Lotus online for a really good price, I really felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Because, when I received it, it was really all I expected it to be. It’s a well built machine, it feels really great to work with, and it came with a clear instruction manual. Not that I needed it for the long run, but there were a few changes I had to adjust to, since my older Elna. So, the first thing that I had to adjust to was not using a pedal, but I got over it soon, as it didn’t impact my performance, once I had gotten used to the feeling. Plus, with the speed control, which, let me tell you, feel really comfortable and really smooth and accurate, I can do my work as fast as I need to, and when push comes to shove, I have the option of going really slowly for some intricate pattern. It was fun learning to use it, it’s even more fun using it and one thing I love about it is the button holes sewing, which, with the huge foot is just fast and clever. So I paid a bit more, but I’m so happy with the results, and for my dressmaking and my furnishing work it’s the best choice I could have made. Could I have gotten a better machine? I so don’t think it!

  4. Great machine Review by Roxy

    I’ve had the Lotus for about a month, and I’m happy to say that it is everything I hoped for; works great, gives me no pain, plus it’s so well made, so sturdy and elegant in use. Handy, lacks no features, a joy to work with.


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