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Tips, FAQs & Other Janome Sewing Machine Info

The following is a list of links to find helpful tips, basic instructions and answers to frequently asked questions about Janome sewing machines, courtesy of Janome Flyer, a proud Janome sewing machine dealer in Canada.


You’ll find two FAQs pages including:

Coverpro Serger Sewing FAQ
Includes tips on quilting and using the Janome serger.


General Janome Sewing Machine FAQ
Includes tips on using on Spool Caps, Hemming, Tucks, Hoops and many other topics related to Janome sewing machines.

You can also find a selection of informative sewing machine articles with helpful hints and tips for using specific Janome sewing machine products including:


Janome 11000

Tips and guidelines for using Acu Guide Cloth Guide, Needle Plate & Foot, plus miscellaneous information on using the clothsetter table.


Janome 12000

Find help on using Janome 12000 Acufil, Acu View, Hem, Foot, Border, Buttonhole, Needle Plates, Pin Tucking and more.


Janome 15000

Along with Janome 15000 instructions, you’ll find informative tips on using the MC15000 for fashion design, embroidery, home décor and quilting.


Janome 7700

Learn more about making Buttonholes, using the dual feed, selecting patterns and cleaning your Janome 7700 sewing machine.


Janome Feet Accessories

Find out all you need to know, and get helpful tips on using Janome sewing machine feet accessories; everything from button sewing and zippers to beading, hemming and the Acu Feed Flex system of Janome sewing machines.



Read more about our Janome sewing machine products from sergers and embroidery machines to Horizon machines and finding a Janome sewing machine dealer in Canada.


Janome Sewing Projects

Try one of our Janome projects here, they vary in skill level so have a look and find your perfect match.

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