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Finishing Couches

The Beading Foot set is not just for beading. There are many other uses and techniques for embellishing your work. Applying strung beads to a garment can really bring it to life and with the Beading foot it is incredibly simple. Piping is also a wonderful way to add an accent to your work. Another great embellishment is couching beautiful cords or yarns onto a garment, quilt or sewing artwork. To try these techniques, follow Marilyn's steps below

Janome Supplies Required

  • Any Memory Craft machine

  • Beading Foot Set

  • Blue Tip needle 75/11

Fabric and Notions Required

  • Various decorative threads

  • Embroidery threads

  • Various heavy cords

  • Strung beads

  • Piping cord #2

  • Water soluble marker pen

Strung Beads

  1. Attach the appropriate sized beading foot that will allow the strung beads to pass freely underneath.

  2. Select the Zigzag stitch.

  3. Adjust the width so that it will not hit the beads as it swings from left to right, but not so wide that you can easily see it.

  4. Adjust the length so that the needle penetrates the fabric between the beads.

  5. Draw a line on the fabric as a guide for attaching the beads.

  6. Select a thread that will be invisible after stitching is complete.

  7. Keeping your guide line in the centre of the bead channel, slide your beads under the foot.

  8. Stitch into place.


  1. Attach the large Beading foot.

  2. Thread your machine with a decorative thread that will complement your fabric.

  3. Select the Parisian Stitch.

  4. Adjust the width to 7.0 and the length to 2.5.

  5. Insert #2 piping cord into the fold in your fabric, making sure it is fitting snugly into the fold.

  6. Place the fabric with piping cord inside, under the beading foot.

  7. Stitch into place.


  1. Attach the appropriate sized Beading foot.

  2. Use a Zigzag stitch with a blending or invisible thread for the stitching to be invisible.

  3. Or, use a Decorative stitch to add to the richness of the cord or yarn. Try a few different ones and experiment.

  4. Continue as for applying beads.