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Janome 11000 Fringe Foot

Creating an eyelash fringe

With the fringe foot, you can create beautiful eyelash fringe, like this! To install the foot:

  • First, loosen the screw and remove the all-purpose foot
  • Set the fringe foot in place under the screw
  • Lower the presser foot to give you proper seating
  • Lift it slightly and re-tighten the screw
  • Choose the Overcast Stitch, which is #10 on your Memory Craft 11000
  • Adjust the stitch width to 7.0mm and reduce the length to about 1mm.
  • Make sure you’re using stabilizer behind your fabric
  • Place your fabric where you want your fringe to begin. Your finished line of fringe will be created by the left stroke of your needle
  • If you’d like your stitches closer together, you can decrease the length to 0.5mm. The fringe foot will stitch a series of loops
  • When you’re done with your row of fringe, slip it off the back of the foot
  • Using a pair of scissors, clip the thread close to where it goes in to the fabric on the right hand side
  • Flip the fabric over and run your finger along the clip side to remove excess thread, and you end up with a row of eyelash fringe

You can use the fringe foot to create fringe without cutting the loops. You can also use it to do appliqué.