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Janome 11000 Overcast Foot “M”

Finishing a raw edge

The Overcast Foot M, creates a beautiful overcast stitch along a raw edge. It works well even with thick layers like high-loft batting. The foot has a guide which goes along the edge of the fabric. Snap the foot onto your machine. Choose the Overcast Stitch; number 10 on your Memory Craft 11000. You can use the default settings. Place the fabric against the guide, and begin sewing.You end up with a beautiful overcast stitch.

Creating fringe

The overcast foot “M” does more than overcast stitching. You can also use it to create smaller fringe.

  • 1. Snap the foot on to your machine
    2. Choose the overcast stitch (#10 on your Memory Craft 11000)
    3. Adjust the stitch width to 7.0
    4. Make the stitch length 0.50
    5. Adjust the tension to 2.0
    6. Position your fabric where you want your fringe to begin. The left stroke of the needle is where your row of fringe will be created. 

    7. Begin sewing. When you’ve finished your row, snip the thread on the right side, close to the fabric.
    8. Turn the fabric over and rub the row of snipped threads to remove them. What’s left is your row of short fringe.