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Janome 11000 Straight Stitch Needle Plate and Foot

Sewing sheer fabrics

You can sew beautiful, pucker-free seams on silky and sheer fabrics with your Memory Craft 11000, using the straight stitch needle plate and foot. The straight stitch needle plate has a smaller needle hole to better support lightweight fabric. The straight stitch foot has a single needle hole, and the bottom of the foot is completely flat, to hold the fabric firmly against the feed dogs. To use this set, you must first:

  • Remove the needle plate on your Memory Craft 11000. Make sure there‚Äôs no foot on the machine.
  • Then, remove the two screws that hold on the needle plate.
  • Take off the bobbin cover
  • Lift out the needle plate
  • Set the straight stitch needle plate in place.
  • Replace the two screws
  • Replace the bobbin cover
  • Snap on the straight stitch foot
  • Select Stitch #1 and choose center needle position
  • Position your fabric, using the guidelines on the plate to set your seam allowance

And so, you end up with a beautiful stitch on your silky fabric!