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AcuFil Quilting with Janome Horizon 12000

Acufil quilting tool software allows you to calculate the exact amount of stippling you’ll need to fill in your entire quilt and then let you create a template for perfect stippling placement. Begin by measuring the size of your quilt top. To have stippling all the way to the edge of your quilt you’ll need an extra margin for hooping be sure to allow 5 extra inches of backing and batting. At your computer start the Acufil tools software. If you prefer to see your measurements in inches under setup choose unit and then select inches. Open the Acufil multiple design lay out the editing size dialogue box will appear enter the width and height of your desired embroidery area. Click the green arrow to go to the next step. And the stippling pattern for your quilt will appear at the bottom of the screen you can see information on your quilt size, embroidery size, number of hoopings, overall embroidery dimensions and that you’re ready to quilt.