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Janome 12000 Blind Hem Foot G

Using the adjustable blind hem foot to make blind hems

The blind hem foot “G” can be used to make professional looking blind hems. The foot has a flange down the middle, which helps you sew an accurate hem. On the back of the blind hem foot are grooves, which direct your fabric toward your needle as it feeds, keeping it from sliding off the edge.

  • On the touch-screen of your Horizon Memory Craft 12000, choose “Sewing Applications”
  • Choose “Blind Hem and Shell Tuck”
  • Choose “Blind Hem”
  • Now select your fabric. You can now create your blind hem with the default settings, or you can choose to customize the stitch
  • Attach the blind hem foot “G” to your machine
  • Fold the edge of your fabric the depth of the blind hem, then fold it back on itself, leaving a narrow strip of fabric to catch the stitching
  • Align the fold of the fabric with the flange of the foot and begin sewing. The stitch will bite in to the fabric.

And now, you’ve created a beautiful blind hem!