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Janome 12000 Bobbin Cases

Choosing the right bobbin case

Janome offers you a variety of bobbin cases to use for specialty applications. The yellow bobbin case comes with the Memory Craft 12000, and has a higher tension. It’s used for embroidery and variable zig-zag stitching. The yellow bobbin case can also be used for finer threads in the bobbin, when you need more tension on the thread.

The red bobbin case is our standard bobbin case and is included with all machines. It can be used for everyday sewing.

The blue bobbin case has a looser tension, and is designed for free-motion quilting. This case can also be used for a heavier thread in the bobbin, like floss, or whenever you want a looser tension on your bobbin thread. The blue bobbin case is available in models that have thread cutters, as well as those that do not.