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Janome 12000 Border Guide Foot FB, 9mm

Sewing parallel rows of stitching

The border guide foot is a clear foot, with three sets of red guidelines, which makes it easy to sew perfectly spaced rows without measuring or marking, and you can use any of the Horizon Memory Craft 12000’s 9mm stitches.

  • Attach the foot to your machine
  • On the touch-screen, go to “Decorative Stitches”
  • Select your desired category and choose a decorative stitch
  • Line up the edge of your fabric with one of the lines on the foot. You can also use a line drawn on your fabric
  • Begin sewing, watching the guidelines, not the needle, to keep your fabric going straight
  • When you’ve finished your first row, move the fabric so your next starting point is under the red horizontal line, and your previous row of stitching is between the two vertical red lines
  • Repeat this process, and you’ll end up with perfectly even rows!