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Janome 12000 Buttonhole Foot B, 9mm

Creating an extra-large buttonhole

Buttonhole foot “B” allows you to easily make extra-large buttonholes on your Horizon Memory Craft 12000. Use it for buttons that are larger than 1”. The grooves on the back of the foot allow it to move smoothly over the buttonhole stitching.

•  Using a water-soluble marker, mark the size of your desired buttonhole on your fabric
•  Attach the foot to your machine
•  On the touch-screen, go in to “Buttonholes”
•  Select “Buttonhole #2”, which will memorize the buttonhole length
•  Place the bottom of your marked buttonhole at the needle position
•  Start sewing. When you reach the top mark, touch the reverse button. The machine will stitch the top bar tack and return to the bottom.
•  Once it reaches the bottom, touch the reverse button again, and it will sew the right hand side of the buttonhole
•  At the top of the buttonhole, touch the reverse button one last time so it will complete the stitch and knot off.

The size of the buttonhole has now been memorized, and the machine will sew additional buttonholes at the same size.