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Janome 12000 Concealed Zipper Foot Z

Installing a concealed zipper

The concealed zipper foot “Z” allows you to get in close enough to easily install a concealed zipper.

•  On the touch-screen of your Horizon Memory Craft 12000, choose “Sewing Applications”, then “Zippers”, then “Concealed Zipper”
•  With the standard foot “A” still on your machine, sew the seam up to your zipper opening, leaving your zipper opening unsewn
•  Choose “Basting” and baste the opening closed
•  Remove the standard foot and attach zipper foot “Z”
•  Sew down the right side of the zipper teeth, using the far left of the foot
•  Remove zipper foot “Z” and attach zipper foot “E”
•  Fold the project to one side, leaving the seam allowance available
•  Stitch down the top of the zipper to the seam allowance
•  Flip the project over to the other side
•  Stitch the zipper tape down to the seam allowance
•  Remove the basting stitches
•  Remove zipper foot “E” and attach concealed zipper foot “Z” again
•  Position the coils in to the far right slot and sew along the coils of the zipper.

And now, you've successfully installed a concealed zipper!