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Janome 12000 Free Motion Quilting Closed Toe Foot QC

Doing free motion quilting

This free motion quilting foot has a closed toe, which keeps the fabric flat, making it a good option if you’re using a loftier batting. To use the free motion quilting closed toe foot QC:

  • Go to the touch-screen of your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 and choose “Sewing Applications”
  • Page forward to “Free Motion Quilting”
  • Choose “Straight Stitch 2”
  • Choose the “QC Foot”
  • If you have the blue free motion quilting bobbin case, insert this optional accessory
  • Attach the free motion quilting foot QC to the machine (be sure you install it on to the machine with the back bar behind the ankle, and the front bar as usual. This provides extra stability for the foot, and will keep the foot flat so that it doesn’t add any downward pressure).

No need to lower your feed dogs, the machine will do it automatically when you select the sewing application. Your machine has an automatic foot pressure sensor. When you start stitching, the sensor will detect the loft of your project and adjust the presser foot pressure accordingly. The default setting is 1mm, but you can also adjust the setting in the set program. Now, you can begin free motion quilting.

When you’re finished stitching, press the thread snips button to cut your thread, or if desired, you can leave thread tails to bury in the back of your quilt. And now, you’ve done beautiful free motion quilting through all the layers of your quilt!