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Janome 12000 Hemmer Foot 4mm “D2”, 9mm

Creating professional rolled hems

The hemmer foot 4mm makes it easy to create smaller professional rolled hems on your Horizon Memory Craft 12000. The funnel on the front of the foot folds your hem as you stitch.

  • To begin, attach the foot to your machine
  • On the touch-screen, go in to “Utility Stitches” and choose a straight stitch.
  • Take your fabric and make a slight double-roll the same width as the hemmer foot opening
  • Then, cut the end at an angle
  • Place the fabric, right side down, under the foot and lower the needle
  • Sew two or three stitches, then remove the fabric, leaving the thread tails
  • Feed the fabric in to the little curl on the foot, using the thread tails to help guide it in to place.
  • Begin sewing, holding the fabric so it continues to curl in to the foot

You end up with a professional looking hem!