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Janome 12000 Horizonlink Stitch Composer

Creating a stitch by tracing around an imported image

Horizonlink Stitch Composer software allows you to create custom stitches for the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 by tracing around an imported image. To create your own stitch, be sure you have the software installed and your PC connected to your Memory Craft 12000.

  • Start the Horizonlink Stitch Composer software.
  • Click “Tools” and go to “Stitch Composer”
  • Click “View. Within the backdrop image box, click the backdrop image icon.
  • In the dialog box, choose the image from your computer that you want to use as a guide.
  • Click to open it, and it will open in the “Stitch Composer” screen.
  • To resize the image, click and drag any of the corners
  • To move the image, click on the middle and drag it.
  • Once it’s in position, lock the image in to place by clicking “Lock”.
  • Now you’re ready to trace along the design using a continuous line stitch
  • Click “Home”. For this stitch, we’ll start at “00”.
  • Now, just click stitch points along the image, like you’re doing a dot-to-dot.
  • Make sure that you don’t put a lot of stitches on top of each other.
  • If you’re creating a circle, you’ll need to place your stitches closer together in order to make a curve. Try to make them about 1mm apart. A lot of stitches is OK. You can have up to 500 in any one design.
  • You want to end your design in the same horizontal place where you started it, so for this stitch, try to end at “00”.
  • Click the “Finish” icon, and Stitch Composer will automatically add the points necessary to start and loop and lock your stitch.
  • Go in to “View”. Under “Window Layout”, click “Left and Right”.
  • Click the Play icon. This will play an animation of the stitch being stitched out.
  • It’s important to save your stitch. On the topmost tab, click the Save As icon and save your stitch to your chosen folder on your PC.
  • Now you can send your completed stitch to the machine.
  • On the Memory Craft 12000, go in to “Decorative Stitches”, then “Created Stitches”. On your computer, click “Send”
  • Your stitch has now been sent to your machine and is ready to use.