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12000 Long Quilting Guide Bar Set

Creating rows of channel stitching

The long quilting guide bar set allows you to do even rows of decorative stitching on your Horizon Memory Craft 12000, for techniques like window paning and channel stitching.

The set comes with two guide bars: one is for the left side of the presser foot, and the other is for the right. To attach a guide bar to the Acu-Feed straight stitch foot, insert it in to the hole on the side. To use it with the regular ankle, you also insert it in to the hole on the side. Whichever foot you use, it’s easiest to attach the bar before you put the foot on the machine. To adjust the distance between your rows of stitches, simply slide the bar in or out. The bar will now act as your guide as you do your channel stitching.