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Janome12000 Needle Plates

How to switch between needle plates

Your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 comes with two needle plates. For normal sewing, or for decorative stitches, use the standard, or zig-zag plate. This has a larger needle-hole to accommodate the side-to-side movement of the needle. For quilt-stitching and embroidery, use the straight-stitch plate. It has a smaller needle-hole to support the fabric during needle penetration. It also has a left needle position, which you can use for embroidery.

On each needle plate is a bulls-eye, where you want to press when you install them. Both plates are also coded on the back, so your machine knows which plate is installed at any time. For extra safety, when you have the straight stitch needle plate installed, your machine automatically disables any stitches that can’t be used with the plate. You can switch between needle plates quickly and easily: no tools required.

To change from the standard to the straight-stitch needle plate, first:

  • Press the “Lock” key on the touch-screen
  • Press the presser foot lifter button
  • When you raise the foot in the Locked mode, it lifts the presser foot extra-high, giving you more room for removing the plate.
  • Remove the accessory tray
  • Release the needle plate by pressing the release button
  • Remove the needle plate
  • Slide the second plate in to position, with the left side of the plate going in first.
  • Then, press down on the bulls-eye to snap it in to place.
  • On the touch-screen, press OK to the prompt
  • Press the Lock key once more to unlock the machine
  • You will now see that a number of stitches are greyed-out and can’t be selected because the straight-stitch plate is installed, but you can safely sew with any of the available stitches. Now you’re ready to sew with a straight-stitch plate.

For free motion quilting with this plate:

  • Go into “Applications”
  • Then “Quilting”
  • Then “Free Motion Quilting”
  • You can choose Straight Stitch 1 to use with the PDH foot, or choose Straight Stitch 2 to use either the quilting closed-toe or quilting open-toe foot
  • To switch back to the standard zig-zag plate, just repeat the process