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Janome 12000 Over-Edge Foot “M”

Overcasting with over-edge foot “M”

You can use this foot to finish the edge of your seam allowances. This technique is also called over-edging. The wires of the over-edge foot “M” hold the threads so the seam allowance will lay flat and not curl in on itself, which can be caused by the tension of the thread. It also has a flange to guide the edge of your fabric. Here’s how to create an over-edge finish on the edge of your fabric:

  • On the touch-screen of your Horizon Memory Craft 12000, go to “Sewing Applications”
  • Choose “Over-edge”
  • Then, choose a fabric
  • Attach over-edge foot “M” to your machine
  • Align your fabric with the flange on the foot and guide the fabric under the foot
  • Now you can stitch down the edge of your fabric to create a beautiful overcast finish.