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Janome 12000 Pin-Tucking Foot Wide “N1”, 9mm

Making wide pin tucks

The wide pin-tucking foot uses a twin needle to sew evenly spaced pin-tucks (about 3mm apart) with your Horizon Memory Craft 12000. When used with the pin-tucking cord guide, the foot can sew corded pin-tucks.

  • To do this, begin by removing the clear bobbin case cover, and installing the wide pin-tucking cord guide
  • Install a twin needle with the same width as the distance between the grooves on the pin-tuck foot
  • Thread your machine with a second spool of thread
  • Attach the foot to your machine
  • Raise the foot and pull your cord through the cord guide
  • The wide pin-tucking cord guide can use cord from 1.5mm to 2.5mm in diameter
  • On the touch-screen of your machine, go to “Utility Stitches”
  • Select a straight stitch and choose “Twin Needle”
  • Position your fabric over the cord so that the twin needles come down on either side
  • Begin sewing

And you’ve created a wide corded pin-tuck! To create multiple rows, position the previous pin-tuck in the groove on the bottom of the foot and stitch down your next row beside it.