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Janome MC15000 for Fashion Design

I think regular fashion design is cool, because you get to see your creative vision come to life, but you know what I've discovered is even better? Bridal fashion – because that’s when you get to make someone else’s dream come true. Yeah, there’s a lot of pressure with this kind of work! You've got clients changing their minds, and you've got a deadline that cannot be moved, so I've had to find a sewing machine that gives me unlimited creativity but is absolutely reliable, and turns out everything I sew with professional quality.

This is it: the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000. The huge sewing bed gives me enough room for any bridal gown. I could do a 10ft train on this, no problem! But seriously, you don’t want a 10ft train!

The MC15000 is so fast and powerful, but it’s quiet enough that I can listen to soft music while I work. The embroidery is unbelievable. Easy to adjust on-screen or in the hoop, and the stitch quality blows my clients away! I've got a big free arm, incredible button-holes, superb lighting and any decorative stitch I can think of, Memory Craft 15000 has it!

I use the Janome 15000 all the time – every day – and I absolutely love its reliability. I’m not just sewing dresses for the bridal party and a gown for the bride, I’m creating the centerpiece to a magical day – a day my client will never forget – and because of that, I’m so thankful my Memory Craft 15000 can take me anywhere I want to go.

Janome 15000-for-fashion