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Janome Memory Craft 15000 for Home Decor

Living in wine country was a big dream for us. I’ll never forget the first morning we woke up here. It was magical! Now, with the bed-and-breakfast, we get to share that first morning again and again with our guests! With the weather so nice, people want to spend time on the patio, so I wanted to give it a look you couldn't find anywhere else. I could have paid a lot of money for someone else to decorate it, but like the rest of the house, this area is my creative expression, and besides, I've found the perfect tool to help me pull it off……The Horizon Memory Craft 15000.

As I discovered, outdoor fabrics are heavier, but the Janome 15000 stitches through them with no problem! In décor, you have some very long seams, but when your Janome 15000 does a straight stitch at 1000 stitches per minute, it goes pretty quickly!

 And then, there’s the embroidery. People find it so elegant. It’s true, when it’s a design you’ve put together yourself, and you see it on a large scale like this, it just looks… extravagant, but when you have a machine like this, it’s really just a little thread!

My guests love to ask me how I did this, and it seems like I always end up telling them about my Janome 15000! Some are never going to sew, but for those who do, a little light goes on. Well, first of all, the stitch quality is just phenomenal. If it sewed this nicely and had a regular little bed, I’d be OK with that, but this sews like a dream… and also has the biggest work area I’ve ever used. The whole umbrella cover fit right through!

The Janome 15000 embroidery is so easy, yet the finished product looks like it took months to complete. But it’s easy to set up the Memory Craft 15000, easy to set up the design, and easy to go do something else while it stitches out because of the iPad app.

The sewing stitches are so easy to set up on the screen – well, you have 500 to choose from, for heaven’s sake! And thirteen button-holes… When everything else is this easy, and the quality is this good, you know that what you’re making is going to look spectacular. Our guests come from all over the world because they want something completely unique. With the Janome 15000, I have the freedom to follow my creative vision anywhere I want to go!