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Janome 7700 Cleaning your sewing machine

If you have a Janome 7700, it’s really important to clean out the bobbin area and remove all the lint build-up that gets in there, it’s really simple to do. It’s a little scary at first, but really you should be cleaning it out as often as every bobbin change, depending on what kind of thread you’re using. If you're using a 100% cotton thread it’s very linty, and really you should clean it out almost every bobbin change… so the more you do it, the more comfortable you get doing it, and eventually you just won’t even think about it – it just becomes second nature.

So the first thing you want to do is actually turn off your Janome 7700. You can also remove the needle, if that’s in your way, with the rise, and you want to make sure that the even-feed foot is up, and your presser foot is up also. First thing I like to do is just remove the bobbin cover and remove the bobbin, and you’re going to have to undo those two screws. In your toolkit, you’ll get a little key and a bigger screwdriver, but it hits the top of the sewing machine, so you need to use the little one. Once you take out the screws, you need to remove the needle plate. You want to be very careful that you don’t hit the automatic converter area, which is a little more delicate. Just lift that off and you might see a lot of lint build-up here.

Now, in your little kit is a brush, and I find that this is the best thing for cleaning out the bobbin area, it really clings on to the lint and picks it up very well. You want to make sure that you don’t stick anything in there/drop anything in there, and you shouldn’t use canned air because that will just push everything down. So the first thing I do is remove the bobbin case – just lift it right out – and you just want to make note there’s a little red mark right there, and that’s going to come in to play a little bit later when you replace it. So you can just dust that off right now with your little brush… underneath… just make sure all the lint comes off, and it’s ready to go back in. So you just put your little brush in. So the first thing I do is just sweep around the bobbin area and get out all the lint, and you want to get in to the feed dogs and brush those out. I kind of use the brush to sort of pick up the lint rather than force it down or blow it around. You just want to be very delicate, and just continue to gather up any lint that you can see. Sometimes if you take a look from the side and angle in, you can see areas that you’ve missed. You can see there’s lots down there and it just kind of picks it up and pulls it out, without actually brushing, because you don’t want to force it deeper in there. You should actually get your Janome 7700 professionally cleaned and oiled once a year, or as recommended.

The next thing I do is take a soft cloth, just a nice flannel cloth, and I just wipe in the bobbin area with the cloth. That really cleans it out… and just dust off around it. That’s it you should see that it looks a lot better already. That will allow the feed dogs to move nicely, no problems in there, and no stray threads. Now the next thing you want to do is replace your bobbin case, so I like to just pop it right in there, and then I want to line up with the red triangles. You can dust off the bottom of the plate, being careful not to damage any of the springs or anything, and then of course you want to replace your screws. And then, if you’ve taken out your needle, make sure to replace it and put your bobbin back in, feeding it properly, and put the cover back on.

And there you have it, your Janome 7700 is all nice and clean and ready for you to continue sewing – and if you take care of your Janome 7700, it will run a lot better for you.