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Janome 7700 Dual Feed

The Janome Horizon is equipped with a built-in dual-feed device. It ensures smooth and even feed of all kinds of fabrics.

•   Raise the needle to the highest position and turn the power switch off
•   Remove the needle
•   Loosen the set screw and remove the foot holder
•   Attach the dual-feed foot and tighten the set screw firmly to secure the foot
•   Attach the needle
•   Raise the presser foot lifter to the extra up position
•   Swing down the dual-feed device and engage it with the dual-feed foot
•   To disengage the dual-feed device, pull down the dual-feed device and swing it to the rear.
•   Swing up the dual-feed device until it snaps in to place 

Straight stitch sewing with a dual-feed device:

Patterns D1-D4 and D1S-D3S can be used with a dual-feed device. If you select D1S, D2S or D3S for sewing fine fabrics, use the dual-feed foot for the best sewing results.

•   Raise the presser foot and position the fabric under the foot
•   Lower the needle to the point where you wish to start
•   Lower the presser foot
•   Start the machine and sew at medium speed, letting the fabric feed naturally
•   The Janome 7700 will not start if the presser foot is up and the LCD screen will show a message to lower the foot

 Dual-feed adjusting dial:

•   If the lower layer puckers, turn the dual-feed adjusting dial toward the plus sign. If the upper layer puckers, turn the dual-feed adjusting dial towards the minus sign.