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Janome 7700 Raising Attaching Foot

Raising and lowering the presser foot on the Janome 7700:

The presser foot lifter raises and lowers the presser foot. You can raise the presser foot higher than the normal up position. This allows for setting the dual-feed device and helps you place thick fabrics under the foot. The knee lifter is useful when sewing patchwork, quilting etc. since it allows you to handle the fabric while your knee controls the presser foot.

Detaching and attaching the presser foot:

•   Raise the needle to the highest position and turn the power switch off
•   Raise the presser foot by pushing up the presser foot lifter
•   Press the red button on the back of the foot holder. The presser foot will drop
•   Place the desired foot under the foot holder so the pin on the foot lies just under the groove on the foot holder
•   Lower the presser foot lifter to lock the foot in place