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Janome Adjustable Blind Hem Foot G

Creating a blind hem

You can use the Adjustable Blind Hem Foot “G” to create blind hems like you see on professionally finished garments.

  • First, finish the rough edge of your hem by folding it over and sewing with a straight stitch
  • Once you’ve measured your hem, fold your fabric again so that your initial fold is just showing
  • Place the edge of your fold against the flange, and sew. You can adjust the stitch width to minimize the bite. When you’re finished, you have a true blind hem.

Edge stitching

To create edge stitching with the adjustable blind hem foot “G”:

  • Turn the dial to adjust the flange out
  • Choose a straight stitch
  • Using the flange as a guide for your fabric, sew your seam

Now you have a perfectly finished edge stitch!

Top stitching

You can use the adjustable blind hem foot “G” to do top stitching along an already-finished seam.

  • Choose a straight stitch
  • Adjust the flange to give you the desired bite
  • Guiding the edge of your already-sewn seam along the flange, sew your stitching

Now you have a row of top-stitching the perfect distance from the seam!