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Janome Appliqué Foot

Sewing an appliqué stitch

The Appliqué foot lets you take full advantage of the Horizon Memory Craft 12000’s 9mm stitch whip. The Appliqué foot is shorter than other feet for easier cornering. And the underside is designed to let the stitching and fabric edges easily pass through. When putting it on your machine, the bar attaches to the back of the ankle before it snaps into place. On your machine’s touch screen, choose “Sewing Applications”. Page to “Appliqué”, then choose your desired Appliqué stitch. Then, go into “Adjust” and activate the “Pivot” function. If your Appliqué has corners, you’ll want to activate the “Cornering” feature. Now you can begin your sewing. The pivot function allows you to easily sew along rounded edges. Whenever you stop sewing, the pivot function automatically raises the foot part way for easy movement of your fabric. If you are doing an Appliqué that has a corner, press the “Cornering” function on the touch screen. The foot will go into pivot mode, raising part way. And the stitch will be reset to the beginning of it’s design, without the locking stitches. As you begin sewing again, your stitch pattern will start from the beginning. And now you’ve done a beautiful Appliqué!