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Janome Circular Sewing Attachment

Stitching in circles

The circular sewing attachment allows you to stitch decorative stitches in a circle up to 10” in diameter. It has an adjustable arm and a sharp point called the pin, on which the fabric rotates while you’re stitching. To attach it to the machine:

  • Remove the clear bobbin cover plate and snap the circular sewing attachment in to place
  • Prepare your fabric by marking the center of your circle with a water-soluble marker
  • Put a layer of stabilizer behind it, and reinforce the center with pieces of masking tape
  • Remove the cover for the pin
  • Push your fabric down so the sharp point goes through your center mark
  • Put the cover back on the pin
  • Loosen the slider and adjust the fabric so your outer mark is under the needle
  • Lock the slider
  • Choose your decorative stitch
  • Begin sewing, helping to feed the fabric. The circular sewing attachment keeps your stitches an exact distance from the center.
  • Sew right up to your beginning stitch
  • Clip your thread
  • Remove the cap

And you’ve sewn a decorative stitch in a complete circle!