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Janome Clothsetter 10000

Precise embroidery placement

The Clothsetter 10000 allows you to perfectly place your embroidery designs when you use the “A” or “B” hoop, which are available with a number of Janome Memory Craft embroidery machines. Included, is a foam extension, which allows the larger “B” hoop to fit on the Clothsetter. The advantage of a template is that it is exactly the size of a sewn design, and helps you better visualize how the finished project will look.

  • Pin the template in place
  • Attach the appropriate size hoop to the Clothsetter
  • Loosen the screw on the outer hoop and take out the inner hoop
  • Set a piece of stabilizer on the outer hoop
  • Set your fabric, with the template, on top of the stabilizer
  • Use the marks on the Clothsetter arm to move your project exactly in to place
  • The arrow on the template should point in the same direction as the arrow on the Clothsetter
  • Set the inner hoop on top of the fabric, and push it down
  • Check again with the Clothsetter to make sure the fabric has not shifted
  • When you attach the hoop on to the Janome Memory Craft, it will embroider the design in exactly the right spot

You can use the Clothsetter 10000 to precisely place the multiple parts of a larger embroidery design. Just repeat the process you’ve seen for each part of the design.