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Janome Cording Foot “A”

Cording Foot “A” is designed for attaching fine cord, wire or other material that will fit through the loop.

Using fine wire for creating your own wired ribbon for decorative bows

Cording Foot A allows you to embed materials like yarn or fine cord into your hem, right now we're going to attach fine wire to make wired ribbon.  For this technique use twenty-eight gauge beading wire, use decorative floss, wooly nylon or any sort of heavier thread in the upper looper. Adjust the tension for creating a rolled hem according to your machine manual.  With cording foot A on the machine thread the wire through the guide on the foot.  Begin by creating a rolled hem on the wire by itself for about half an inch.  Make sure the wire is encompassed in the rolled hem this ensures the wire is in the correct position for when you start serging.  Place your fabric wrong sides together under the foot continue serging the length of the wire.  You now have a wire edge rolled hem that will hold it's shape for your custom ribbons and bows!


Using fishing line for veiling, or chiffon flowers, we’re going to use fishing line
for a technique called “veiling”.

Begin by threading the machine with the right needle in and woolly nylon in the upper looper. Because the hole in the upper looper is small, use the following technique to thread the woolly nylon.

  1. Take a piece of thread and make a loop
  2. Then, feed the woolly nylon through this loop
  3. Now, pass the thread through the eye of the upper looper
  4. As you pull it to the back of the machine, it pulls the woolly nylon right through.
  5. Adjust the tension for creating a rolled hem, according to your machine manual
  6. Attach Cording foot “A”
  7. Thread fishing line through the hole in the foot
  8. Begin serging. 

We will be encasing the fishing line in to the rolled hem. When you are done, you will have a rolled hem with a little body to it, which creates a nice, rippled effect for the edge of veiling, chiffon, chiffon flowers or any time you want a rippled effect on lightweight fabric.