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Janome Cording Foot “B”

Creating a wide filled rolled hem

You can use Cording Foot “B” to create a wide filled rolled hem, for a fuller look and a more substantial seam on heavier fabrics, like table linens.

  • 1. Thread the upper looper with decorative floss, and set up the machine for a rolled hem.
  • 2. Thread the foot with heavy crochet thread
  • 3. You can also use floss, or any heavy decorative thread
  • 4. Serge along the cord for about ½” to ensure the cord is encased in the rolled hem.
  • 5. Place the fabric under the foot and sew along the edge of the fabric

​And now, you’ve completed your wide cord filled rolled hem.

Applying cording foot to an edge or fold for embellishment

Use this technique with cording foot B to create a decorative embellishment along the fold of a fabric. Or you can use the technique to apply cording to any surface. Set up the machine for a rolled hem with decorative thread in the upper looper. Because you are adding embellishment and don't want to finish the edge of the seam you don't want the upper knife to cut your fabric. Lower the knife according to the machine manual, close the machine, thread cording into the foot. Begin serging being careful to run the stitches right along the edge of the fabric. This is important because the knife is down so the fabric won't be trimmed. And now, you've applied your decorative cording!

Create your own cording for couching

​Sometimes you want a cord that has more substance to it so you can couch it down as an embellishment. You can use cording foot B to create your own couching cording. Set up the machine for a rolled hem with decorative floss in the upper looper. Thread two strands of decorative thread through the hole in the foot. Now, serge over the two threads encasing both in a rolled hem. And now, you've created a cord with a little more substance that you can couch down to give surface embellishment to your project!