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Janome Pin-Tucking Foot And Cord Guide

Creating pin tucks

The pin-tuck foot and cord guide set comes with two feet. The wider one is for heavier cords, the narrower one is for lighter cords. It’s easy to create beautiful pin-tucks using this set.

  • First, set up your machine for sewing with two threads
  • Then, thread the machine with both threads
  • Insert a twin needle
  • Now, thread both needles
  • Replace the bobbin case cover with the pin-tuck cord guide
  • Choose your desired pin-tuck foot and attach it to the machine
  • Insert the cord in to the cord guide
  • Choose a straight stitch
  • Place the fabric under the foot but over the cord, and begin sewing. The bobbin thread works in a zig-zag motion between the two top threads, creating a stitch and locking the cording in place

And now, you’ve created beautiful pin-tucks!