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Janome Ribbon/ Sequin Foot

Attaching sequins

The Ribbon/Sequin Foot can attach sequins two different ways: with a zig-zag or a straight stitch. To use the zig-zag stitch:

  • Attach the foot and feed the sequins through the slot at the front
  • Choose the zig-zag stitch and make it as wide as possible
  • Choose a long stitch length so you cover the sequins with as little thread as possible
  • Begin sewing at a slow speed, guiding the fabric and making sure the sequins are feeding evenly. You’ll notice that the zig-zag stitch goes over the sequins rather than piercing them. Using a thread the same color as the sequins will also help hide the stitches.
  • To sew sequins with a straight stitch, set up the foot as before
  • Choose a straight stitch and select a long stitch length, to make the fewest possible holes in the sequins
  • Begin sewing at a slow speed

Attaching elastic

The Ribbon Sequin Foot can also be used to attach elastic.

  • Cut the end of your elastic at an angle, and insert it through the slot on the front of the foot before you snap it on to the machine
  • Make sure you have a little of the elastic coming out the back
  • Choose a zig-zag stitch and set the length to “4”
  • As you start sewing, gently pull back on the elastic, so when it’s complete, you have a nice gather.

Attaching ribbons

The ribbon sequin foot makes it easy to attach ribbon.

  • Snap the foot on to your machine
  • Choose the stitch you want to use. It can be a decorative stitch
  • Cut the end of your ribbon at an angle and insert it in to the slot on the front of the foot
  • Push it so it comes out the back
  • Position your fabric under the foot, and begin sewing
  • Just gently guide your fabric and the foot will feed the ribbon

You can also stitch down your ribbon in curves. As you sew, gently guide your fabric in a curve and the ribbon foot will feed it under the needle.