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Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide

Decorative stitching on ribbon

The Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide allows you to sew beautiful decorative stitches on to ribbon without attaching it to fabric. To begin, read the instructions on the back of the package to see which attachment screw and rubber pad will work with your machine.

•   Place the rubber pad over the screw hole on the needle plate
•   Set the ribbon sewing guide in place
•   Insert the screw through the hole and tighten
•   Loosen the two white screws to open the guide to the width of your ribbon (up to 1”)
•   Slide back the ribbon holder and place your ribbon under the foot. Then slide it back in to place.
•   Adjust the two guides so they’re just touching the sides of the ribbon and tighten the screws
•   Take a piece of stabilizer and slide it under the ribbon guide and the presser foot
•   Select any decorative stitch and start sewing

Your ribbon now has beautiful detail!