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Janome Taping Foot With Reel

How to apply tape to seams for stability

When you sew garments with mitt or sweater type fabric, you don’t want your shoulder or crotch seams to stretch. To prevent this, you can use seam tape, which is available at any fabric or sewing store. All you need to apply it is the taping foot with reel.

  • Begin by winding the tape from the package on to the reel
  • Load the tape by feeding it through the slot in the side of the reel, and then cranking it counterclockwise.
  • You can load the whole package of tape and keep it on the reel for future use.
  • Once the tape is loaded, feed the free edge through the guide on the front of the reel.
  • Set up the machine for a standard four-thread overlock, according to the manual.
  • Attach the reel to the machine according to the instructions included with the guide
  • Feed the tape through the guide on the taping foot
  • Serge about ½” of the tape
  • Feed the fabric under the foot and serge, applying the tape to the top of the fabric. Even though the tape isn’t encased in the seam, it still stabilizes the fabric so the seam will not stretch.