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Janome Zipper Foot “E”

Using Adjustable Zipper Foot “E” To Install A Lap Zipper

  • Attach the zipper foot “E” (or the “E” foot) so it’s on the right side of the needle
  • Put the zipper’s teeth next to the seam allowance
  • Sew the tape down
  • Snap the foot off, and snap it back on to the other side
  • Turn your fabric over. Now you’re going to create edge stitching right along the teeth
  • Catching the fold, stitch it down along the edge of the teeth
  • Once you’ve stitched that down all the way, flip your fabric back over
  • Release the “E” foot and attach it to the other side again
  • Using the guide, you’re going to sew down along the edge, creating your lap

And now you have your three rows of stitching: where you attached the tape, where you stitched the fold and where you sewed it to the front.