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Boutique Style on a Budget

Use the Memory Craft 11000 and the MA Hoop to turn a pair of old tired jeans into an embroidered fashion statement. With a matching handbag, you'll look like you just walked out of an upscale boutique.. but without the hundred-dollar-plus price tag!

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JANOME Supplies Required

• Memory Craft 11000 and templates included with the machine

• Clothsetter Table (MC11000)

• MA Hoop (Macro Hoop)

• ST Hoop (Standard Hoop)

• Zigzag foot A

• Embroidery foot P

• Overcast foot C

• Satin Stitch foot F

• Adjustable Zipper foot

• Janome Wet N' Set Stabilizer

• Janome Prewound bobbins

• Janome Denim size 16 needles

• Janome Embroidery thread- assorted colours

• Hip Line Media Making Handbags DVD

Fabric and Notions Required

• A well-loved pair of jeans

• 13"x 20" denim from worn out jeans (for handbag)

• Heavyweight fusible interfacing

• « yd coordinating cotton fabric (for handbag lining)

• 1 yd beaded fringe trim (for the bottom of the jeans legs)

• 2 yds 1-inch wide nylon webbing (for belt and handbag strap)

• 1-inch belt buckle

• Sharp seam ripper

• All-purpose sewing thread

• 12 weight topstitching thread in colour to match topstitching thread used in original jeans

• Dish of water and old make up brush or sponge

• Water-soluble or chalk wheel fabric marker

Fabric Preparation

Use the seam ripper to take out the hem on each pant leg and unstitch the entire inner leg seam. Remove sides of back pockets, but leave a point attached, to maintain proper placement for re-attachment.

Note: For ease in unstitching and re-stitching the jeans leg seams, select a pair of jeans with the flat-felled seam on the outside of the leg where the embroidery will be placed, and a regular seam on the inner leg.

Professional-Style Embroidery

Jeans Pant Leg

To moisten the Wet N' Set Stabilizer, dip the make-up brush or sponge in the water and shake off excess. Use a pouncing motion to lightly moisten the surface of the stabilizer. Remove the stabilizer immediately upon finishing the embroidery.

1. Set up the Memory Craft for Professional-Style Embroidery. Insert a Denim size 16 needle. Place Janome Embroidery thread in the needle and a Janome Prewound bobbin in the bobbin holder. From the built-in Embroidery library, select design MA-3.

2. Use the template provided with the machine to determine the placement of the design on the pant leg. Mark the fabric with the fabric marker.

3. Cut a piece of Janome Wet N' Set Stabilizer large enough to fit in the MA Hoop. Place the stabilizer in the hoop. Moisten the stabilizer with water and then adhere the pant leg to the stabilizer, lining up the markings with the centre of the Clothsetter arm.

4. Attach the MA Hoop to the machine, setting it at #1 position. Start the machine and change the thread colours as indicated on the screen.

5. When the machine has finished the first portion of the design a pop-up screen will indicate, "Please shift frame." Slide the MA Hoop to the #2 position, press OK on the screen and then finish embroidering the design.

6. Add as many embroidery designs as you would like to the legs of the jeans, using the template and Clothsetter for perfect placement. If desired, touch the Edit screen and flip both sections of the design horizontally for a mirror image of the design. When the design is flipped horizontally it will be necessary to use the job keys on the Edit screen to move the top portion of the design to the left side of the screen.


1. Touch the Edit tab. Press the Hoop button. Select the ST hoop. Then select the Built-in Designs tab. Turn the page to FA (Free Arm Designs) and select FA-18 and FA-22. Use the copy button, the jog buttons and the rotate button, the jog buttons and the rotate buttons on the screen to make an arrangement for the pockets.

2. To embroider the pockets, cut a piece of Janome Wet N' Set Stabilizer large enough to fit in the ST Hoop. Moisten the stabilizer and centre the pocket in the hoop using the Clothsetter for perfect placement.

3. Embroider both pockets with the design you created.

4. Remove the stabilizer.


1. Set up the Memory Craft for Ordinary Sewing. Thread the machine with the 12 weight top stitching thread in needle and bobbin.

2. Attach Zigzag foot A, and select U4 (the Locking Stitch). Set the stitch length to 4.00mm. Sew the pockets into their original positions. Press the Reverse button at the end of the seam; the machine will sew lock off and automatically stop.

3. Trim off approximately «" from the hem. Select U12 (Double overedge Stitch) and attach the Overcast foot C. Overcast the button edge of each pant leg.

4. Attach Zigzag foot A and sew the inside seam of the legs with the U4 Locking Stitch.

5. Fold up a «" hem and topstitch the hem in place.

6. Attach the Adjustable Zipper foot and thread the machine with all-purpose sewing thread, in the needle and bobbin, in a colour to match the beaded fringe header. Sew the beaded fringe along the hem of both legs. 


1. Cut webbing to length for belt to fit. Set excess aside for handbag.

2. Press the Quick Reference Tab; turn the page to Pictograph 19. Select P6.

3. Thread the machine with Janome Embroidery thread in both the needle and the bobbin in a thread colour that contrasts with the nylon webbing. Sew down the centre of the nylon webbing.

4. Use the Page Turn keys to turn back to Decorative Page 12. Select D9 (Zigzag Stitch0, press the adjust key and set the width to 2.00mm and the length to 0.30mm. Sew a Satin Stitch ¬" in from each side of the webbing to frame the decorative stitch. 

5. Attach the buckle.


1. Embroider design MA-3 on the 13" x 20" piece of denim in colours to match the embroidery on the jeans. Use the template provided with the machine and the Clothsetter for perfect design placement.

2. Following the directions on the Making Handbags DVD, construct the coordinating handbag.

3. Use the rest of the embellished webbing for the handles.