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Download Designs

Are you a member of R.A.D.D. (Really Addicted to Downloading Designs)? If so, read on. I'm going to provide you with downloading steps to follow that will eliminate some of your frustrations and make this standard computer process easier.
During the following exercise, you will create a new folder, name it and download designs to it. Then, you'll launch Janome software, browse to your downloaded design and open it on the screen. There are designs located on Janome's website at in the Free Design Downloads section to use in conjunction with this article.

Get ready, get set, download...

First, let's discuss terminology you must understand before starting. A "click" or "double click" refers to a left mouse click or two left mouse clicks. A "right clicks" is just that, a right mouse click. Your "desktop" refers to the screen that has icons on it that allow you to easily launch software programs.

I want to make a special note here about how important it is that you have virus prevention software loaded on your computer. You will be downloading designs directly to your hard drive, therefore, you must be aware of preventing viruses. And, just loading the virus software once is not enough; be sure you keep the software up-to-date. New viruses come around all the time and you should be sure you have all the very latest protections.

Next, you must understand file formats or extensions. These are the three letters after the period to the right of the name, for example: dragonfly.XXX. Depending on which Memory Craft you own, the Janome formats are either *.SEW or *.JEF. The Memory Craft 9000, 5700 and 5000 all use the *.SEW format. The Memory Craft 10000 uses the *.JEF format. So what does this mean? In order for your Janome sewing machine to recognize the stitch data, it must be in these formats. ScanSoft, Peronalizer 2000, Customizer 2000 and Digitizer 2000 use the *.SEW format. EasyTransfer, Customizer 10000 and Digitizer 10000 use the *.JEF format. (EasyTransfer, Customizer 10000 and Digiztizer 10000 will also open the *.SEW format for use with the Memory Craft 10000.)

When teaching, one of the most difficult concepts in computers is "browsing". Browsing is the ability to search through your computer anytime you see an upside down triangle symbol. When you click on this triangle, the computer will reveal other choices available for you to select from, such as other locations and other file formats. This concept holds true when you're locating, saving (downloading), and naming files.

To start, I want your to create a new folder on your desktop named "Download Designs". Right click anywhere on the "desktop". Click "new" (it's the eighth choice in the pop up menu), then click "folder". Type "Download Designs". Press "Enter" on your keyboard. Now you have a location folder (or storage area) where you can save designs. All your downloaded designs will be in one location, making it easier for you to find them.

To begin the download process, launch your Internet service. Go to and click on "Design Download" on the left navigation side bar. Or, type this link directly into your web browser: Websites work differently, but each will contain instructions for easy navigation. It's important to read through the instructions, because as technology changes so do the instructions.

You must choose the format that your Janome software will open. In this example, I'm choosing *.JEF. The design I'm choosing is "Dragonfly.jef". Click on the words below the graphic image of the dragonfly: "click here to download this design". The File Download window will appear. Click "Save".

The "Save As" window appears, prompting you to select where you want to save the design. You want to save it in the "Download Designs" folder that you just created on your "desktop". You must "browse" the computer using the upside down triangle at the right of the "Save in" box. Scroll up to "desktop" and click on the "Downloaded Designs" folder in the larger window. You have now directed the dragonfly design to save in the "Downloaded Designs" folder on your desktop.

Once the download is complete, the "Save As" Window will disappear. If you are using a modem, log off the Internet. Locate your dragonfly design in the folder "Downloaded Designs" on your "desktop". (C:/desktop/Downloaded Designs/dragonly.jef) You've downloaded a design!

Now you need to open your design in one of the Janome software programs. This can be executed by either double clicking on the design itself or by browsing to it through your Janome software. The same browsing principles apply as before. Click as follows: File>Open (*.JEF)>desktop>downloaded designs>dragonfly.jef.

The computer is smart enough to launch the Janome software associated with the file format selected. You're now ready to work with your downloaded design.

The last point I'd like to emphasize is the benefit of taking a basic computer class. Many high schools, community centres, and senior centres offer classes at a normal charge. Once you gain an understanding of the basics of using a computer and read the instructions before clicking, your fears will be eliminated and your enjoyment using a computer will increase.