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Dragonflies are Decorative Stitching

The Memory Craft 6500 Professional is taking the sewing world by storm. It has the speed and precision critical to advanced sewing, like an extra large bed space (9" x 5"), automatic thread cutter, and a straight stitch speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute.

One of the first projects we made on this great new machine was a pile of dynamite decorator pillows and a beautiful blouse for our national magazine ad campaign. Reaction to these items was so enthusiastic, we're bringing the instructions to you here. The dragonfly details on the blouse were created with decorative stitch combinations. The Memory Craft 6500P made it easy with its advanced memory and editing features. Adding trims and matching seams on the decorator pillows was also easy thanks to Janome control and accuracy. 



JANOME Supplies Required
  • Memory Craft 6500 Professional

  • Standard foot "A"

  • Custom Crafted foot "F2"

  • Buttonhole foot "R"

  • Janome Embroidery thread

  • Janome Bobbin thread

  • Janome Blue Tip needle 75/11

Fabric and Notions Required

  • Simplicity #7086 (view A)

  • Fabric according to pattern

  • Notions according to pattern

  • All purpose thread

  • Tearaway stabilizer

  • Fabric marking pencil

Inside Information

Our dragonflies were created with a decorative satin stitch on the MC6500P. We scattered the shimmering insects in a random pattern across the entire front of the blouse, however they could also be used singularly on a collar or on a pocket. Be sure to practice the technique on a scrap of fabric before you start. If you are sewing a large number of dragonflies, develop a rhythm by sewing all the bodies first, and then coming back and sewing all the wings.


  1. Cut out the pattern pieces needed for View A.

  2. Thread the needle with Janome Embroidery and the bobbin with Janome Bobbin thread.

  3. Attach the Custom Crafted foot "F2".

  4. Select Decorative stitch #23 in Mode 3.

  5. Press Memory key "M" seven times.

  6. Press the Auto Thread Cutter key to program a thread cut at the end of the stitch sequence.

  7. Press the Edit key. The light will turn on to indicate the machine is in Editing mode.

  8. Press the left arrow key (Edit) to move the cursor under the last stitch #23 entered. 

    Note: In the Edit mode, the Edit and Help keys are used to shift the cursor left and right on the screen.

  9. Adjust the width to 3.0 and the length to 0.20.

  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the next four stitches.

  11. Use the left arrow to move the cursor to the next stitch.

  12. Adjust the width to 6.5 and the length to 0.20.

  13. Adjust the the elongation to 2X.

  14. Use the left arrow to move the cursor to the next stitch.

  15. Adjust the width to 6.0 and the length to 0.20. This is the first stitch of the sequence that makes up the dragonfly's body.

  16. Place a layer of stabilizer underneath one shirt front.

  17. Randomly stitch the dragonfly body, curving slightly as you sew. (Image 1)

  18. Mark the position for four wings with a fabric marking pen. (Image 2)

  19. Press and hold the Clear key "C" until the stitch sequence is deleted.

  20. Select Decorative stitch #23.

  21. Press the Memory key "M".

  22. Press the Auto Thread Cutter key

  23. Press the Edit key.

  24. Use the left arrow to move the cursor under stitch #23.

  25. Adjust the length to 0.30.

  26. Adjust the elongation to 3X.

  27. Sew each wing, following the marked line and repositioning fabric for the next wing. (Image 3)

  28. Continue to randomly sew dragonflies on the left and right front pieces.

    Note: Sew darts on the blouse fronts before adding the dragonflies.

  29. Sew the blouse according to the pattern instructions.