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Klassy K-9 Accessories

A comfy cushion and stylish rain slicker for your best friend

Created by Ryoko Sakuyama

Pet Bed
Janome Supplies Required
  • Memory Craft Sewing Machine

  • Digitizer

  • Clothsetter

  • Large Hoop "B"

  • Embroidery foot "P"

  • Standard foot "A"

  • Janome Embroidery thread

  • Janome Bobbin thread

  • Blue Tip Needle 75/11

Fabric and Notions Required

  • Simplicity #5219 (View E)

  • Black fleece (yardage according to pattern)

  • White fleece (yardage according to pattern)

  • Cushion filling 48 oz.

  • Tearaway stabilizer

  • Temporary spray adhesive

  • All purpose thread

  • Fabric marking pen


  1. Cut fabric pieces according to the pattern.

  2. Properly stabilize fleece with tearaway stabilizer. Adhere stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive.

  3. Download the "bone" design from the Design Download page on Janome Online at

  4. Set up the Memory Craft for Professional-Style Embroidery.

  5. Open Digitizer 10000 EasyDesign.

  6. Click Setup. Click Work Environment. Select Hoop B.

  7. Click Lettering. Select font of choice (we used Honeypot). Select Horizontal orientation.

    Inside Information:
    You will need to adjust the size of the lettering according to the length of the dog's name. Refer to the Digitizer Instruction Book for maximum size of fonts. If needed, you may choose to use the Customizer 10000 Plus EasyEdit program to layout designs.

  8. Type dog's name. Click OK.

  9. Click on the design screen to generate lettering.

  10. Click Rotate 45 degrees CCW/CW twice to rotate design 90 degrees. Position in the centre of the hoop.

  11. Click Embroidery. Click Insert Design. Open "bone" design.

  12. Click Copy. Click Paste.

  13. Rotate "bone" designs similar to sample.

  14. Save designs as an *.JAN and *.JEF.

  15. Click File. Print a template for perfect placement using the Clothsetter.

  16. Transfer design sto the machine via USB, RS232C or ATA PC Card.

  17. Place the stabilized fleece in the Large Hoop "B".

  18. Stitch design.

  19. Construct pet bed according to pattern instructions.

Pet Coat
Janome Supplies Required

  • Any Janome sewing machine

  • Standard Foot "A"

  • Satin Stitch foot "F"

  • Blue Tip needle 75/11

Fabric and Notions Required

  • Simplicity #5219 (View C)

  • Pink nylon (yardage according to pattern)

  • 4" x 12" gray nylon for applique

  • 3 yds. bias binding

  • 12" length of 1/2" Velcro

  • All purpose thread


  1. Cut fabric pieces for coat.
    Hint: You may need to adjust the size of the pattern to suit the size of your dog.

  2. Set up the Janome sewing machine for Ordinary sewing.

  3. Construct according to the pattern.

    Hint: You may want to leave a hole for the lease to be passed through the coat. The sample pattern was reduced by 60% to suit a small dog.

  4. Download the "paw print" pattern from Janome Online at

  5. Cut nylon for applique paws using the paw print pattern.

  6. Position the paw prints across the coat. Use tape to hold appliques in position to get an idea of the overall balance before sewing.

  7. Applique paw prints in place.