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My Spring Garden

Create an interesting background for your garden by piecing fabrics together and then embroidering flowers and butterflies that will bring your garden into your home.

Janome Supplies Required:

  • MC15000, MC12000, MC11000, 10001, 10000, 9700, 9500 or 300E, 350E (embroidery only)

  • Kiyomi Osawa Collection Vol. 1 Flowers and Butterflies CD

  • Customizer 11000

  • Clothsetter

  • 1/4" Seam foot O

  • Emboridery foot P

  • Darning foot P2

  • Janome Embroidery thread

  • Janome Bobbin thread

  • Blue Tip 75/11 Needle

  • ATA Card/ Adapter or USB Card or Memory Key

Fabric and Notions Required:

  • Triangles on a Roll

  • 2" Finished Block Half Square Triangle

  • Five fat quarters in colours suited for your background

  • 3/4 yd 45" - wide cotton batting

  • 1/4 yd 45" - wide fabric for binding

  • Fusible Stabilizer

  • Tear away Stabilizer

Fabric Preparation:

From Fat Quarters for Half Square Triangles Cut:

Colour A one 6" x 22"

Colour B two 6" x 22"

Colour C two 6" x 22"

Colour D two 6" x 22"

Colour E one 6" x 22"

From two colours of your choice cut two 2 1/2" x 22" strips for pieced border

Binding fabric cut three 2 1/4" x 45" strips

Backing 27" x 27"

Batting 27" x 27"

Note: Knowledge of the Customerizer is helpful to complete this project.


  1. Place the 6" strips in pairs rigth sides together as indicated in the list below

    Colour A and Colour B

    Colour B and Colour C

    Colour C and Colour D

    Colour D and Colour E

  2. Following the manufacturer's directions, use the Triangles on a Roll to make twenty-eight 2" half square triangles from each fabric pair for a total of 112 half square triangles. Cut the blocks apart; press all the seams open.

  3. Lay out the half square triangles on a design wall to determine the most pleasing layout. There will be two extra blocks. Sew the blocks together in segments of four as shown. This will help prevent distortion of the rows. Preass all seams open.

Note: Keep in mind the embroidery designs will be covering many of the squares, so blend the colours for a flowing effect as shown in the diagram below.

  1. When all background is complete and pressed, fuse the stabilizer to the wrong side.

At the Computer

  1. Open the Customizer 11000. (Select appropriate machine from the opening menu). MC11000 owners click File>New. From the pop-up menu select Horizontal>2, Vertical>2 and layout. All other MemoryCraft owners open Easy Edit. Click on Edit>Number of Sheet for Layout. Select 2 Horizontal and 2Vertical. Click on OK.

  2. Insert the Kiyomi Osawa Collection Vol. 1 Flowers and Butterflies CD into the computer. The CD will automatically open; close that window.

  3. Click Import, a new window will open, navigate to the CD-Rom drive, double-click on the html folder to open. Double-click on the Menu folder. Double-click on the folder named 1-10. Open design F01.

  4. The butterfly will open in the layout screen; move the butterfly to the desired position. Click on Copy. another butterfly will appear on the screen. Flip the design horizontally and move the butterfly to the desired position. Use the photograph of our sample as a placement guide.

  5. Import design F03 and move to the desired position.

  6. Import design F04. Click on Copy. Move the flowers into position. One of these flowers was flipped horizontally and rotated 33 degrees for added interest.

  7. Import design F05. Copy this flower two times. Arrange the flowers as desired. Nancy resized two of the flowers to 80% of the original size. Keep in mind that cluster of the same flowers is more appearing than mixing the designs. Slight overlapping of the embroideries gives the design a realistic look.

  8. Import design F10, copy the violets two times. Once again arrange the flowers using the Flip Horizontal option and resizing as desired.

  9. Save the layout as Spring Garden.

  10. Send the layout to your Memory Craft using USB connection or save to auxiliary media device.

  11. Print a template of the project.

  12. Set up the Memory Craft for Professional-Style Embroidery. Open the layout.

  13. Using the template and Clothsetter for perfect placement, embroider the butterflies and flowers to the background. Use a piece of tearaway stabilizer behind each design.


  1. Remove any excess stabilizer. Attach the 1/4" Seam foot O. Piece the border strips as desired and then sew the 2 1/2" border strips to the outside of the background. Press the seams open.

  2. Sandwich the embroidered top batting and backing. Baste the sandwich to secure quilting.

  3. Attach the P2 Darning foot. Drop the feed dogs and select the straight stitch. Quilt the background in a random stippled design. Keep in mind that the closer the stitching is, the flatter the background will become and the embroidery design will look 3-dimensional.

  4. Sew the three 2 1/4" strips together to create a continuous binding strip. Press the strip lengthwise wrong sides together.

  5. Line up the raw edges of the binding with the outside edge of the block right sides together. Sew the binding to the block, mitering the corners. Hand stitch the binding to the back of the block.

  6. Don't forget to create a label for the back of your wall hanging, adding your name and the date.

Created by Nancy Fielder, Educational Coordinatorm Janome America