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Janome AcuFil Quilting

Using the AcuFil quilting tool

The AcuFil quilting tool software allows you to calculate the exact amount of stippling you'll need to fill in your entire quilt, and then lets you create a template for perfect stippling placement. Begin by measuring the size of your quilt top. To have stippling all the way to the edge of your quilt, you'll need an extra margin for hooping. Be sure to allow five extra inches of backing and batting. At your computer, start the AcuFill Tool software. If you prefer to see your measurements in inches, under "Setup", choose "Unit", and then select "Inches". Open the AcuFil multiple design layout. The editing size dialog box will appear. Enter the width and height of your desired embroidery area, click the green arrow to go to the next step, and the stippling pattern for your quilt will appear. At the bottom of the screen, you can see information on your quilt size, embroidery size, number of hoopings, overall embroidery dimensions, and then you're ready to quilt.


Send your design to your machine

Once you've created a design with AcuFil tools on your PC, It's easy to send it to your machine. You can send it via direct connection, or transfer it with a USB memory stick. Connect your PC to your Horizon Memory Craft 12000. Be sure the machine is in "Embroidery Mode". At your computer, start the AcuFil Tool software. With your design open, click on "Write a Design". A dialog box will open, with your choice of places to send your design. Select the "Built In" folder. Select the "Embf" folder, and click the red arrow to send the design. Your touch screen will indicate that your machine has received the design. You also have the option of transferring your designs using a USB Memory Stick. With the USB stick inserted in your PC, go to AcuFil Tools.


‚ÄčHow to hoop your quilt

Once you've printed and assembled your AcuFil quilting template, you're ready to hoop. First, find and mark the centre of your quilt. Then, base the layers of your quilt sandwich together. Now, refer to your layout to determine your first hoop position. Remember to work from the centre out. If you've basted with pins, remove them from the area you'll be hooping. When placing the template, some users have found it useful to tape the paper to the back of the acrylic hoop insert. Slide the hoop under your quilt. Make sure it's in the area where you'll be using the template. Once the template is in the right place, press down the template, and secure your quilt to the hoop with the magnetic clamps. Remove the acrylic insert and printed template, place your hoop on the machine, and you're ready to begin stitching.


How to print your template

Once you've designed your template using AcuFil tools on your PC, you're ready to print. Go up to "File", choose "Print Preview", and your design pages will display. The first page is your embroidery design template, which may take up to two pages. The last is your overall design layout. Print these pages. Look at the layout page to see the overall layout view and the dimensions of your quilt. The other page or pages are the actual template pattern you'll place on your quilt. Cut out the template pattern pieces along the dotted lines. Place the pattern pieces together, and tape. Your printed template is now ready to use.


How to use a template to position your stippling

The AcuFil Quilting system makes it easy to place continuous stippling across your entire quilt. After stitching your first section of stippling remove the magnetic clamps keeping your quilt under the needle. Press the hoop forward key the embroidery foot will now be positioned at the back of the hoop. Move your quilt to the next area to be stippled set the acrylic hoop insert with your template into the hoop. Adjust the position of the quilt so the stippling you've already done aligns with the stippling on the template. Be sure you align the centre of the template with the guideline you've marked on your quilt. Now, reattach the magnetic clamps. Slide the template out from under the foot and you're ready to start the machine stitching on the next section. When it's done remove the magnetic clamps and you're ready to align your quilt for stippling on the next section.


Create a custom design on a quilt block

The AcuFil Quilting Tool software allows you to easily create a custom embroidery design layout for a quilt block. At your computer, start the AcuFil Tool software. If you prefer to see your measurements in inches, under "Setup", Choose "Unit", and then select "Inches". Click "Create an Original Design". The editing size dialog box will open; enter your quilt block dimensions, and click "Ok". Click the green arrow to go to the next step, and an image of your block will appear. To begin, click the "Import Design" icon. A dialog box will open with all the design choices available in AcuFil. In the file list, choose "Design Collection", which contains the over seventy embroidery designs available in AcuFil quilting. Under quilting designs, choose "Design 36". Depending on which design you've chosen, you have many different editing options. For this design, we're going to change its size. Under edit, choose "Resize". Move the slider, or, use the arrow to adjust the size. When you're finished, click "Ok". To save your design, click the save icon, and save it to your design folder. You can also combine and edit designs to create a unique layout. After opening a design, move it to one of the quadrants. Select the corner icon, which will place that design in each corner with a single click, and you've created a unique block design. You have many more editing options. Have fun exploring the program for possibilities!