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Our Janome products are the most powerful, sophisticated and best sewing machines on the market. Plus, we offer the best Janome sewing machine prices,
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Janome Sewing Machine Comparison

Janome sergers, quilting machines and embroidery machines are all unique, incredible sewing machines that can be used for home, commercial or industrial use. Here’s a quick comparison of our available new and gently used Janome sewing machine products.

Janome Sergers

Bring a professional finish to all your sewing projects with a Janome serger. Recognized as some of the very best on the market, Janome sergers feature advanced feed systems, easy thread guides, and superb automatic tension. Buy your new or gently used Janome serger through Janome Flyer, a trusted Janome dealer, and wow your friends and family with your creativity and perfect stich finishes.

Janome Embroidery Machines

Did you know that Janome was the very first sewing machine company to sell professional embroidery sewing machines to the home market? That was back in 1979! Today, nearly 35 years later, Janome still offers the most advanced embroidery sewing machines on the market. These combination sewing and embroidery machines are extremely easy to use and offer professional style embroidery plus precision sewing. Buy online at Janome Flyer and get the best prices on new and gently used Janome embroidery machines including the popular Horizon Memory Craft 15000, and other Memory Craft models like the 9900, MB-4 and 500E.

Janome Horizon Quilting Machines

Known as the “Ultimate Sewing and Quilting Machines”, Janome’s Horizon Memory Craft quilting and sewing machines are the most advanced and comprehensive sewing machines on the market. Avid quilters continue to rave about how these quilting machines combine Janome’s years of innovative technologies with user friendly features such as free motion quilting foot, the AcuFeed system and a multi-point feed dog system. We know that once you try a Janome quilting machine you’ll never quilt again without it!

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Janome Sewing Machine Service & Accessories

In addition to new and gently used Janome machines for sale, Janome Flyer also services and repairs Janome products.

You’ll also find a number of quality Janome sewing machine parts and accessories including assorted seam feet such as a button sewing foot, binder foot and the even feed foot.

Other available Janome sewing machine accessories and supplies include:

Needle Plates Push Pull Bobbin Winder
Power Switch Quilting Attachment Kits
Ribbon Sewing Guide Manual Thread Tension Control
Thread Cutter Pintuck Cord Guides

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