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The beautiful Janome Memory Craft 15000

The Janome Memory Craft 15000 is the first home-use, computerized sewing and embroidery machine in the world with built-in wireless connectivity to PCs and iPads. The unique 9 inch touch screen is the largest LCD screen in the sewing industry.

Janome MC1500 Offers

  • Unlimited creativity
  • Total reliability and quality
  • Fast, powerful and quiet
  • Largest sewing machine touchscreen (9”)
  • Built-in wireless iPad connectivity
  • Large work area
  • 480 embroidery designs  

In 2013, Janome celebrated their 30th anniversary of the Memory Craft sewing machine series, which started with the Memory Craft 6000 in 1983!  Then in 1990, Janome’s design concept for a combined sewing and embroidery machine started with the Memory Craft 8000.

All Janome embroidery machines feature the built-in embroidery arm for the most compact, top of the line embroidery machines on the market. From the MC8000, the built-in embroidery carried through to the next generation in the Memory Craft 10001, when Janome introduced the Linear Motion Embroidery System. This unique embroidery system can also be found on the MC9900, MC11000, MC12000 and now, the new MC15000 sewing and embroidery machine.

With the introduction of the extended 11” sewing bed Janome created the detachable embroidery unit that can remain on the machine for sewing as well as embroidery. Other brands may have a similar feature but Janome’s footprint is extremely compact with a carriage arm that folds into the back of the machine.

Unique Features of the Janome MC15000

  • Free arm embroidery
  • Quick reference chart on top cover
  • Foot compartment space on top of sewing machine
  • The bobbin winder seat has five cutter slots
  • Separate bobbin winding motor while sewing or embroidering
  • Automatic needle threading system
  • World’s largest 9' LCD in the Sewing Machine Industry
  • Beep tone changed to pleasant chimes

Janome MC15000’s Free Arm Hoop

Janome was the first domestic embroidery machine manufacturer to use a true Free Arm Hoop that it is more user-friendly and more efficient that any subsequent competitor’s version. And, just like the MC12000 sewing machine, the free arm hoop comes with the new Memory Craft 15000.

The stainless steel free arm cover
is a Janome exclusive, (no one has it)
which makes the bed of the MC15000 wear resistant!

Looking at the top of the MC15000, you will also notice the Janome Exclusive Quick Reference Chart on the top cover, which makes it so easy to locate the available stitches. Also, the Janome 15000 includes:

  • A handy foot compartment, which is the perfect spot for your favorite feet! 
  • A bumper that gives it a lovely soft close when you close the lid
  • A handy slot on the right of the machine to store the stylus

Janome Has Thought of EVERYTHING!

Under the lid you will find bobbin winder seat, which has five cutters on the base, (this is also a Janome exclusive). On the face of the machine you will find the separate bobbin winding motor for winding the bobbin while sewing or embroidering. The speed can be adjusted in the Common Set Model. 

9 Inch LCD Screen

The new 9” high definition LCD screen is the largest in the industry and it will display 16 million colours! And the new screen is so easy to use. 

The function buttons are clearly displayed across the top and include:

  Drop Feed Dogs Cloth Guide
  Pivot Function Twin Needle Guard
  Dual Feed  

These functions will change with the window that is open. To turn the pages, simply touch the up down arrows on the right hand side of the screen. The “start over” button and recommended foot for each stitch is found over the stitch display bar. The Stitch Width and Length are so easy to find because they are always on display under the stitch window. Use the arrow on the bar above the setting to find the tension and presser foot pressure adjustment buttons. At the bottom of the screen you will find the navigation buttons including:

  Home Sewing/Embroidery Function
  Open File Set
  Help Lock

Other unique features of the MC15000 include the stylish accessory bag and the patented, one-step needle plate conversion (also available with MC12000/ MC9900).

The NEW stylish Accessory Bag!

This bag has three stacking compartments with a slot to hold all of the accessories that come with the Memory Craft 15000, as well as slots for the optional accessories! Like the MC12000, the Memory Craft 15000 comes with 21 feet, both of the AcuFeed Flex foot holders, and the Single Hole Needle Plate.

FYI – the one step needle plate and needle plate sensor is another Janome exclusive.

High Tension Bobbin Case

The Yellow dot bobbin case for the MC15000 has twice the amount of tension as the standard bobbin case (red mark). You can use this bobbin case whenever the bobbin thread is finer than the needle thread, to prevent the bobbin thread from slipping to the top of the work. During normal embroidery, if the bobbin thread is not Janome blister packed pre-wound, it is recommended that you use the high tension bobbin case (yellow dot) that comes with the Memory Craft 15000. Use the standard (red marked) bobbin case when sewing lace designs or quilting in the hoop.

T Easy Set Bobbin has a component that is engineered to hold the bobbin thread in a stable position during automatic thread cutting. And the Janome lower thread sensor will always let you know when you are running low! If you need to view the threading again, touch the “?” on the touch screen to view the help movie.

Unique Janome MC15000 Settings

As with previous sewing machine generations you are able to customize the unique settings of the Janome Memory Craft 15000 including:

  • Common Set
  • Ordinary Settings
  • Embroidery settings

Wireless Connectivity of the MC 15000

Now let us introduce you to another amazing Janome FIRST!  The Janome Horizon MC15000 has built in wireless capabilities!

With any wireless router you will be able to edit and write designs to the Memory Craft 15000 with your PC using Horizon Link Suite. And, the Memory Craft 15000 can also communicate wirelessly with your iPad!

AcuEdit includes:

  Copy/Paste Rotate Layout
  Enlarge Reduce  

An update in 2014 will allow you to view the designs on the actual fabric with a photo from the iPad, and more alphabet fonts will be added.

AcuMonitor includes:

Monitoring thread colours
Completed embroidery
Monitoring embroidery progress

AcuMonitor also allows you to remotely view the embroidery process colour changes and the completed embroidery, by using the wireless feature!

Editing of embroidery designs with the iPad is another Janome exclusive!

Janome MC15000 Categories & Designs

  • 15 design categories
  • 480 built-in embroidery designs - including 240 brand new designs
  • Embroidery precision – stitch small designs in amazing detail
  • Thick embroidery with urethane foam using the Auto Presser foot pressure function

All 15 categories and 480 designs built into the Janome MC15000 sewing machine are available in AcuEdit, as well as Horizon Link Suite. As well, 240 of these beautiful embroidery designs are BRAND NEW!

There are five collections from guest designers, 134 designs in the World of Embroidery (which were submitted by all the subsidiaries) plus 15 beautiful new quilting designs. 

The MC15000 comes with 5 hoops!

  SQ14 SQ23 GR FA ASQ 22 (AcuFil Hoop) 

These 5 hoops have an original design, which is engineered to be a more stable hoop and hold the fabric more securely.

MC15000 Linear Motion Guides

The tree Linear Motion Guides in the MC15000 embroidery unit create precise embroidery because they are equipped with 5 ball bearings in the blocks. One ball bearing on upper shaft brings high durability of embroidery unit (also available with MC12000). Smooth and extremely accurate embroidery is possible from the three linear motion guides and the ball bearing upper shaft.

Remember, every Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 is built to the most accurate specifications in the Janome Factory in Tokyo. EVERY machine is inspected and tested before it leaves the factory. This is one of the things that help set Janome above all other quilting, sewing and embroidery machine brands!

Maximum Number of Stiches on the MC15000

Maximum stitches per embroidery design on the MC 15000 are 200,000 stitches (whereas the MC12000 has only a maximum stitch of 100,000). The high quality CPU in the Memory Craft 15000 is also 4 times faster than the MC12000. 

  • Reading speed of the embroidery patterns is faster with the high quality CPU
  • Receive embroidery patterns Ready to Sew screen from USB flash drive 1.3 times faster than MC12000
  • Receive embroidery pattern at Edit screen from USB flash drive 3.7 times faster than MC12000
  • Save Embroidery patterns in USB flash drive 1.5 times faster than MC12000

MC15000 Storage Space

The storage space is very easy to access since it is located right in the front of the extension box. There is a clear acrylic extension table that is included with the Horizon 15000 and comes in the box. The patented retractable highlight will provide you with a shadow free work space. And the New AcuView Magnifier comes with three magnifications! Truly the best! Janome has thought of everything.

  • Storage space rises out when the extension table is open (also available with MC12000)
  • Patented retractable light(also available with MC12000)
  • AcuView Magnifier (also available with MC12000/ MC9900)
  • Three replaceable AcuView Magnified (MC12000 has only one option) Three options: 1.2x 1.4x 1.6x

MC15000 Foot Controller & Cutter

The redesigned large foot control comes with the Janome 15000, as well as the remote thread cutter. This remote cutter is new as it plugs into a port on the foot control! This foot control is exclusive to the Memory Craft 15000. Besides having the built in help videos, you also will be able to view your own video clip via a USB stick.

  • Large size foot controller
  • Remote thread-cutter port on the foot control
  • On-screen help video and original video clip can be shown
  • MC15000 standalone sales (Embroidery unit can be sold separately)

MC15000 R Buttonhole Foot

The “R” buttonhole foot has been redesigned to allow for thick fabrics. The buttonhole lever is now about 1/2” above the needle plate to give that extra clearance needed when working with fabrics like fleece.

  • Lock the MC15000 and change to the zigzag needle plate
  • Buttonholes  buttonhole 12 (new foot is for MC15000 only)

MC15000 Customized Pressure Foot Settings

Pressure is also adjustable in the set mode for customized settings as well as in the Adjustment function. This can be made a default with Favorite Stitch. 

Just like the MC12000 the presser foot pressure is automatically optimized for the fabric thickness and selected stitch. Now you can customize that pressure without having to go to the set mode! And when Favorite Stitch has been turned on, this setting can be saved; great for applique fanatics! 

Janome always gives you the option to personalize your sewing and embroidery machine for perfect results! When Favorite stitch has been activated in the Set Mode any stitch can be customized for your most often used settings. Two customized stitches can be saved for every stitch!

  • Improved automatic presser foot pressure
  • The ideal presser foot pressure sets automatically for each stitch
  • Automatic fabric sensor detects the thickness of the fabric and adjusts the pressure accordingly

New Accessories for the Janome MC15000

  • The Ultra Glide Foot and needle plate set
  • The Large size Buttonhole foot for buttons up to 2”/ 50mm
  • Universal table

Horizon Link Suite Software

Horizon Link Suite is a 7-tools-in-one software package, which also comes with the Memory Craft 15000. 
Horizon Link Suite includes:

  Emblink Tool Pattern Combo Tool
  AcuFil Tool Stitch Composer
  Screen Save Tool  

These sewing software programs were available for the MC12000 as well, but there are new and exciting features that you can explore with the MC15000! Also the Sewing Help Movies and the installer for the drivers are easy to find as they are located on the opening window of Horizon Link Suite.

For more information about the new Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 (aka MC15000) please contact your sewing machine experts at Janome Flyer.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-661-1801
or Contact Janome Flyer
for updates on the new Janome MC15000!

Itemized Features of the MC15000 by Janome

There are 50+ features and more coming for the new Janome Horizon MC15000.

  • Patented needle plate with angle markings, etc.
  • NEW Straight Stitch needle plate with ability to do ¼ inch seams with all feet
  • NEW iPad apps – free to download from iTunes: AcuEdit & AcuMonitor

The Janome Horizon MC15000 is even more user friendly:

  • Compact foot print
  • Sew with Embroidery unit attached
  • Free arm Embroidery
  • NEW Feet “basket “ or space on top of the machine for temporary storage
  • Quick Reference Chart on flip top lid for easy selection of stitches 
  • NEW LARGEST LCD screen in the domestic sewing machine industry: 9 inches.
    (Brother is next with 8 ½ inch) 
  • NEW screen resolution & colour is very superior: Will read 3 million colours! 
  • Precise embroidery including MICRO EMBROIDERY capability as well as thick embroideries on poly urethane/puffy foam, etc. 
  • AUTO Presser foot pressure function - improved 
  • NEW Embroidery designs – now has 480 built-in designs with 240 of these totally NEW. Arranged in 15 categories 
  • NEW ACUFIL NOW INCLUDED – not an optional upgrade purchase. Includes 100 quilting designs – 50 more than Mc12000 Acufil Kit. 
  • VARIABLE ZIG-ZAG using knee lifter and free motion – JANOME EXCLUSIVE FEATURE - is on MC12000 
  • NEW VARIABLE ZIG-ZAG with 9mm feed dog stitches using knee lifter 
  • SINGLE HOLE NEEDLE PLATE & SLIDE COVER included in std. Accessories 
  • STORAGE TRAY under free arm 
  • HI-LITE with improved flexibility 
  • NEW ACUVIEW MAGNIFIER - 3x magnifiers included 1.2x; 1.4x & 1.6 strength (12K has one only) 
  • START UP SPEED variable slow, medium & fast (also on Mc9900; 8200 & 8900) 
  • NEW Buttonhole foot – improved with compatibility for thick fabrics 
  • NEW black zip-up ACCESSORY CASE: stores ALL standard as well as optional accessories. 
  • NEW Automatic needle threader - new type first time on a Janome machine 
  • SEPARATE BOBBIN WINDER MOTOR is back! Can adjust speed of winding. 
  • NEW CPU is 4x faster than MC12000 
  • NEW REMOTE THREAD CUTTER PORT is ON the foot control (not on side of the machine) 
  • NEW REMOTE thread cutting unit is INCLUDED 
  • NEW maximum stitch count per embroidery design increased to 200,000 stitches. 
  • NEW Embroidery unit can be sold separately from machine. 
  • NEW RINGTONE – lovely chimes rather than beeps. 
  • NEW REAL TIME MONITORING of embroidery stitch-out: cross hair moves as it stitches. 
  • NEW Improved Folder system : no longer have to store designs in the Emb/Embf folders. 
  • NEW CUTWORK EMBROIDERY: only MC15000 shows cutting needles & clean bobbin area messages on screen. Can use Cutwork software with Mc12000 & Mc9900 but will not see screen functions as on Mc15000. Use together with Janome Digitizer v4 & 4.5 and stand alone Cutwork software module. 
  • NEW ENHANCED EMBROIDERY ON LIGHTWEIGHT FABRICS chiffon; organza & tulle. No stabilizer needed 
  • Applique-In-The-Hoop (fabric as well as thick products such as urethane up to 2.5mm thick) 
  • Embroidery on Balsa Wood (up to 2mm thick)

Optional Accessories for Mc15000: New ......Coming

  • LARGE BUTTON HOLE FOOT for making extra large buttonholes (25-50mm/1-2 inches long)
  • NEW UNIVERSAL TABLE COMING to accommodate larger Mc15000 footprint

Features Coming to the Janome Mc15000

Just in case you have not seen enough yet?!?

  • WIFI Transmission of pattern combo’s
  • WIFI – receive pattern combo’s
  • WIFI – Memorize original patterns
  • WIFI – save edited pattern in sewing machine
  • Change Thread Selection in AcuMonitor App.
  • WIFI - Real time Monitoring of embroidery. Can do now on AcuMonitor but coming to WIFI & Horizon Link next year
  • WIFI communication /remote control of sewing machine
  • Transmit data in Edit screen to sewing machine & save it. Can do in Horizon Link now but coming to AcuEdit next year.
  • Script font coming to AcuEdit
  • 2 & 3 letter Monograms coming to Ipad Apps
  • Changing Sewing Order on AcuEdit
  • Display JPX background image on AcuEdit
  • Colour Grouping coming to AcuEdit
  • Display pattern categorized by hoop size - AcuEdit
  • Change Display proportion of pattern to hoop - AcuEdit
  • Stitch Composer coming to iPad in 2014
  • Some Stitch Composer features being added to Horizon Link Suite
  • Transmitting images in Screen saver with WIFI
  • Acufil Tool: saving data in machine & connection settings coming to Horizon Link
  • Photo stitch – create embroidery pattern coming to iPad