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Janome 4120QDC-R

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SAVE 44% Janome 4120QDC Sewing Machine

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Janome 4120 QDC Sewing Machine

SAVE 44%

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What do you think about 120 built in stitches, superior editing, mirror stitching and twin-needle functionality? It sounds great for a sewing machine, right? Just add a couple more advanced features all in a sturdy and resistant machine, designed especially for you to grow in. This is what 4120QDC-R can offer you.


Janome 4120QDC-R Sewing/ Quilting Machine


Precise and powerful, the Janome 4120 QDC is a computerized quilting machine which is stylish but packs in enough substance in form of advanced features. An ergonomic design, with exception editing features, twin needle mechanism, selection of over 100 stitches and superior feed system makes this a cutting-edge machine. The sturdy make and ability to withstand rigors of lengthy use add to its value.

Some of the prominent features are:



LCD ScreenIntuitive LCD Screen

The superior quality, backlit LCD screen is very easy to read and navigate. You can locate your stitch of choice quickly, look through the options and use the buttons (10) to select the stitch you need. The screen will then display helpful information like recommended foot, thread tension and stitch pattern information to further enhance the experience.


120 StitchesExcellent selection of stitches with superior editing

120 selections of built-in stitches, with seven automatic buttonhole sensors, fonts (with Cyrillic, block and European letters) this machine provides you plenty of options. It doesn’t end there! You can combine up to 50 patterns to program your custom pattern and store it. There’s option to mirror edit, flip the design along X-axis or Y-axis and edit it to suit your needs. And there is the handy stitch chart which can be mounted on to the machine easily for reference or stored in the back when not in use.




Superior FeedSuperior Plus Feed with 7-piece feed dog

Armed with a 7-piece feed dog which are positioned parallel to the needle plate, The 4120QDC is able to synchronize the fabric feeding perfectly with the bobbin and needle. The result is taut fabric and high-quality stitches which is a hallmark of Janome machines. With this proprietary technology, you can even go forward or backwards without compromising the stability of skipping any stitches.




Needle ThreaderAutomatic Needle Threading

Simply pull the thread over the threader and watch it automatically fed through the needle eye. The lever to adjust the thread retains its position until the threading is complete. You can thread it just with one hand, and without straining your eyes.






7 buttonholesSeven automatic buttonhole with sensor

Seven different styles of buttonholes is another great feature of this machine. What truly makes it special, is that they are equipped with automatic sensors, so you simply have to put the button on the sliding gauge. The foot will automatically determine the size, and customize the buttonhole it makes on the fabric. You can switch between square, keyhole, welted, heirloom or rounded buttonholes and the results are the same, time after time.






LED lightsExpanded LED lighting

We recognize that your eyes might feel strained through long hours of sewing and quilting. So we designed the wide-angle LED lights for better and brighter illumination of your sewing space. So you can work longer, and work comfortably.







Janome 4120 Features:

•  120 Built-in stitches (decorative and regular utility variants)
•   Font with selection of European, Cyrillic and Block characters
•   Seven one-step buttonholes with automatic sensors
•   Superior editing with mirror editing and flipping along either axis
•   Snap-on presser feet
•   Drop feed dog, with 7-piece feed for Superior plus feed (SFS+)
•   Button for start/stop – to sew without foot control
•   Button for locking stitch and reversing stitch
•   Slider controlled speed adjustment features
•   Automatic needle threading (One-hand™) and thread-cutting
•   Adjustable foot pressure with extra high pressure lift for thicker fabrics or multiple layers
•   Additional safety lock for presser foot
•   Adjustable stitch dimensions (Max. width 7mm, Max height 5mm)
•   Programmable features for nearly 50 different combinational patterns, including completely new patterns or patterns built on top of memorized, existing patterns
•   Memory for needle position (up/down)
•   High quality, backlit liquid crystal display with buttons and touchpad for quick navigation
•   Expanded LED lighting with wide-angle feature
•   Side loading bobbin with full rotary hook (jam proof)
•   Twin needle guard
•   Hard resin dust cover
•   DVD instruction manual


Janome 4120 Accessories:

•   Zigzag foot A
•   Overedge foot C
•   Zipper foot E
•   Satin stitch foot F
•   Blind hem foot G
•   1/4˝ seam foot O
•   Custom crafted zigzag foot F2
•   Automatic buttonhole foot R
•   Set of needles
•   Spool holder x 2 (large)
•   Spool holder x 2 (small)
•   Additional spool pin
•   4 Bobbins
•   Screwdriver
•   Lint brush
•   Seam ripper
•   Stitch chart
•   Instruction book
•   Instructional DVD
•   Power cord
•   Foot control
•   Hard machine cover
•   Extension table


  1. Great machine Review by Rosalie

    I am the proud user of the 4120QDC for about a year, and while initially I had some doubts (my mother had never used a computer machine before, and it was meant to be her main machine) I can honestly say that all of my worrying was for nothing! The machine has an exceptional buttonholer, and it automates the process, so no extra steps are necessary, for my mother it has been the best machine ever.
    I also love it because it manages thicker materials or multiple layers with ease. Yes, for the buttonholes on really thick layers, I sometimes feel like the machine is really pushing hard, but it still manages. But I wouldn’t recommend it for extra thick button holing, if that is what you plan on doing with it for the most part.
    I bought a walking foot for it, but it was okay, it wasn’t a fortune, it improves quilting by a lot, so it was alright
    The electronic stitch selector works really easily and the selections included are all pretty, but I for one use only about 4 or 5, but there are a lot to choose from.
    One thing I love, especially for corner pivoting is the up/down needle option, which makes it easy to work in straight lines or in sharp corners. Also, since it’s an electronic machine, speed adjustments are included, and easy to use; plus, along with the pedal control it’s a real breeze to control the speed of the machine with real accuracy and precision.
    If you’re fussy (like I am!) you’re not going to be too enchanted by the beeps the machine does when you press a button at the wrong time on the keypad, or when the presser foot is up, but my mom is not as bothered, plus it alerts you when something is not quite right, so it’s alright.
    So, if you’ve never had a computer machine before, this one’s an amazing one to start with; it’s durable, flexible and works fine, it just makes you look forward to yet another sewing project.

  2. Good machine Review by Vi

    I’ve had the machine since the end of 2013, and it’s been a joy to work with it ever since. I’m not a professional sewer, but even so I do take on a few projects, and even if it’s a hobby, I still expect the machine to work as good as possible. Well, let me tell you, it exceeded all my expectation; it’s a machine that works smoothly, and for a hobbyist it’s such a great deal. Yes, there are a few cheaper options out there, but if you want to have a smooth ride with your sewing projects you want a machine like this one, that just doesn’t get in the way. It’s got the basics plus a lot of fancy stitches, and you can select whichever you prefer from the keypad. Plus it does buttonholes, plus embroidery stitches, it’s got the whole thing going for itself. I’m still expecting to find something I don’t like about it, but for now nothing has come up!

  3. Great machine Review by Teresa

    I purchased my 4120QDC about a year and a half ago and it’s been my main sewing machine. It is really well built, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make the jump to a computerized machine. It can sew gorgeous buttonholes, and it’s also an easy process: I just pop in the buttonholer attachment and it just works, no extra tinkering necessary. The machine comes with three styles of buttonholes, and all of them I use, as they look great, for men’s shirts and for women’s alike. One single “bug” I’ve noticed, which isn’t even such a drag; once you depress the foot pedal it still does one more stitch. But I soon learned to workaround that, and I don’t have any major issues. It might be on the pricier side, but then again it saved me a lot of trouble and it works perfectly, so no complaints here!

  4. Love it Review by Felicia

    I’ve been using this machine for about two weeks, and for the duration I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve been sewing for about 3 years and while I had some other machines, with this one I’ve clicked almost instantaneously. It’s so easy to use, it has a selection of stitching patterns that I really like and the touchpad interface with which it is fitted is really useful and posed no issues for me. Really a steal at the price I got it for, plus it’s got all the features I need.


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