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Janome 9400


Ergonomic Design and Generous Workspace    Janome 9400 generous workspace

It’s easy to see while you work with the Memory Craft 9400, thanks to the needle area’s clean and slim design!    
And, with 11” space to the right of you needle and 15 ½” total workspace, the 9400’s generous workspace makes quilting easier than ever before.

Advanced LCD Touchscreen

Everything you need to make sewing a breeze cleverly displayed on touchscreen! With the advanced touchscreen you can select from the 350 included stitches or quickly your access favorites. The Sewing Applications feature will guide you to perfection in a range of sewing projects, while the Memorized Quilt Seaming function remembers your seam length, so you can stitch multiple blocks the same length in no time!


AcuFeed Flex™   Janome 9400 acufeed flex feeding system

Renowned for precision and power, the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System is incredibly convenient to use. When not needed, simply remove and store in one of the numerous accessory trays. Your traditional sewing, seaming and quilting projects will be completed with ease thanks to the standard two ponged feet that advance fabric perfectly, top and bottom. The optional one-pronged feet are easy to attach and remove and provide the precision and control needed for all your detailed tasks from zippers to seam matching.


Extra-large Foot Control and Thread Cutter Pedal Janome 9400 oversized foot pedal

Enjoy enhanced stability with the extra-large foot control. It comes with the handy Thread Cutter Pedal so you can cut thread without needing to take your hands off your work.


Stitch Composer™ Janome 9400 stitch composoer

You will love creating your own stitch patterns using the Stitch Composer! Create stiches from scratch with the user-friendly program and transfer easily to your machine via USB!


Cloth Guide Janome 9400 cloth guide

The cloth guide has never been easier to use. Snap it to the machine bed then slide to set the width. The standard cloth guide remains stationary while you sew effortlessly along the raised lip. Markings on the machine bed help you measure and arrange with precision. Hems and seams will be a breeze!


Easy Threading Bobbin Case and Cover Janome 9400 bobbin case and cover

Threading your machine is easy thanks to the cleverly designed, easy threading bobbin case and cover. No more pulling up those long thread tails! Just slide the bobbin thread into the cover plate guide and the inbuilt blade will cut the tail to the perfect length. Once the machine is threaded, the automatic thread cutter will trim and re-set thread tails consecutive times.

 Memorized Stitch Combinations Janome 9400 memorized stitch combinations

Use the LCD touchscreen to customize and resize the 350 built-in stitches. Create combinations of up to 100 stitches! Save your creations to the machine’s memory bank or store on USB via the built-in USB-port.


Bobbin Winder Plate and Cutter Janome 9400 bobbin winder and cutter

Effortless wind and cut thread to prep your bobbin with the new bobbin winder plate and cutter.

One Step™ Plate Converter Janome 9400 one step plate converter

Switch plates effortlessly with the One Step™ Plate Converter. With press-button release and snap locking, you will have the right plate ready to use in seconds flat.


Auto Presser Foot Lift Janome 9400 auto presser foot lift

You’ll never need to take your hands off your work; with this great feature your presser foot is automatically lifted following thread cuts both manual and programmed. Set it to lift at the end of a seam with needle down to pivot with ease.

Three Needle Plates Included

The 9400 includes the Zig Zag needle plate and Straight Stitch Needle plate as well as a Professional ¼” Needle Plate and foot for precision stitching. The sensor ensures only straight stiches are sewn when the Straight Stitch Needle Plate is in use. No need to fear breaking your needles!

Bobbin Thread Sensor

Never lose track of your remaining bobbin thread and run out mid-seam again! Rely on the bobbin thread sensor to always let you know when the bobbin is low on thread. You can even adjust the alert trigger, perfect for when you’re sewing with threads of differing thicknesses.



9mm Zig Zag Janome 9400 9mm zigzag

Extra wide stitches are perfect to make your decorative stitches pop! Go big and bold with stitches that stand out or utilize the width to cover more area in less time.


91 Needle Positions Janome 9400 91 needle positions

Your decorative stitches will be more detailed than ever thanks to the 9400’s incredible 91 needle positions. Be amazed by the precision with which you can edit and create your own stitches. Your details will shine all the more dramatically using the 9mm stitch width.


Variable Zig Zag™

With variable Zig Zag™ you can control stitch width using the knee lift. So easy to use and so precise, just start with a straight stitch and press the knee lifter to extend to a 9mm zigzag. Gradually releasing pressure will retract to a straight stitch once again. Adjust maximum width with the 9400’s set mode for a narrower stitch. Utilize in a range of projects from free motion quilting to thread painting. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.


Advanced Needle Threader

Start sewing right away thanks to this handy time saver. Just set the thread, push the lever and away you go. The superior design delivers an effortless, accurate needle-thread every single time. 

Janome 9400 advanced needle threader

Light it Up! Janome 9400 high light

You’ll never be in the dark again with the Horizon Memory Craft 9400. Simply pull the High Light™ forward to activate. The beacon ensures light shines right on the needle area for perfect illumination as you work. The work area is stunning thanks to the 10 ultra-bight LED lights that light up the machine bed. Illuminated function buttons are even easier to find!


Automatic, 1-step buttonhole Janome 9400 1-step buttonhole

Buttonholes in one easy step! Place the button into the gauge and the specialized foot and uses an inbuilt sensor to form the perfect buttonhole. The 9400 comes with 11 built-in buttonhole styles, one of which is 9mm wide.

Free Motion Quilting Janome 9400 customizeable foot height

Enjoy free motion quilting like never before with the Horizon Memory Craft 9400! Raise the foot height for a plush quilt with plenty of batting or lower it when your stitches need some drag. Save your settings to re-use them later at the click of a button.


Automatic Presser Foot Pressure

The sensor determines how thick your fabric is and alters foot pressure accordingly for a flawless fabric feed every time! Use the settings mode to customize your experience and set the pressure to meet your exact needs.


Speed Control Slider Janome 9400 variable speed control

Set the maximum speed so your sewing never runs away from you! Perfect for beginners gaining confidence and popular for appliqué projects. Set as high as 1060 spm for your longer straight seams or as low as 60 spm for detailed work.


Automatic Thread Cutter janome 9400 automatic thread cutter

There’s no need for scissors with the handy automatic thread-cutter at your fingertips. One press of a button and your thread is cut, keeping thread tails short so you waste less thread.

Easy Reverse Button Janome 9400 easy reverse button

Locking seams is a breeze! With the conveniently placed reverse button you can back stitch in a moment. You can also use the button to instantly halt a stitch pattern at any time.


Locking Stitch Button Janome 9400 lock stitch button

Use the locking stitch button to tie off thread and secure your stitches without backstitching. It’s perfect for seams on all your delicate fabrics and for securing all your decorative stitches.


Auto Needle Down Janome 9400 automatic needle down button

The needle automatically halts in the down position for faultless free motion embroidery and perfect corners. When it’s time to remove your fabric, just press and the needle returns to the up position.


Adjustable Ergonomic Knee Lift

Comfort for all with the improved ergonomic knee lift design. Now adjustable to conform to a huge array of heights and sizes so anyone can sit right in front of the needle with the knee lift in the perfect position for a range of sewing tasks.


Stitches, Accessories, More Options!

Be inspired with an incredible range of built-in stitches and embroidery designs. The Horizon Memory Craft 9400 comes with four fonts for monograming, 11 different buttonholes and 350 built-in stitches total! Using Stitch Composer, your stitch number is endless. 19 standard feet and accessories included.