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Janome DC6030

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Janome DC6030

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The Janome DC6030 is a computerized sewing machine that is very easy to use, and fully equipped with many extra features. These features include: built-in needle thread, automatic thread cutter, auto bobbin winder system, auto-lock stitch feature, needle up/ down button and start/ stop button. Stitch selection couldn't be any easier as it is marked with its own button. Every button is illuminated with a built-in light when selected. From the LCD screen it shows what stitch is currently selected, the foot that is recommended, and the default length and width for the stitch that you can change. The DC6030 also includes 3 different 1-step buttonholes. Also comes with a hard cover and an extension table for those bigger projects.


Janome DC6030 

Janome DC6030 is a computerized machine which offers an array of specialized features at an affordable price range. The stand-out feature is the selection of stitches, where each button for selection is fitted with a dedicated LED back-light. As soon as you select your stitch, the display screen shows it and the button lights up for easy detection. Additionally, the pre-programmed settings help you identify the appropriate stitch dimensions, recommended foot and buttonhole for the stitch selection.
The top-loading bobbin with a full rotary hook assembly ensures there is no jamming or clogging of threads. The bobbin winding system has been re-engineered to automatically detect when the winding is complete and cut the thread. Thread cutting, needle threading, locking the needle positions (up/down) for pivoting and reverse stitches are all available with a button push. The spacious extension table makes the bulkier projects easy to handle and the machine comes with a hard shell dust cover. If you ever wished for an efficient and affordable sewing machine, look no further!


Janome DC6030 Features:

•   Superior stitch selection system, with 30 keys which light up to clearly outline selection
•   Bigger liquid crystal display screen
•   Slider to control sewing speed
•   Stitches can go upto 7mm wide, 5 mm long, and the satin ones can be elongated to five times their regular size
•   Button to control needle position and regulate dual needles
•   Button to control machine start or stop, essential for changing needles, presser foot or plates
•   Button controlled reverse options on all stitches
•   Button controlled auto-lock feature on stitches – useful for repeating seam patterns
•   Automatic needle threading and thread cutting features
•   White LED lights to brighten work area – 2 counts
•   Top loading bobbin which can be dropped into the slot with full rotary hook arrangement – prevents clogging or jamming with simple set up. Additionally, a brand new feature to cut the bobbin winding thread automatically once winding is done.
•   Three single-step buttonholes with adjustable width, length of stitches and density
•   Drop feed with a seven-piece feed dog to ensure fabric is fed uniformly and kept taut. No more fabric getting clogged up, bunching on top or slipping away.
•   Lightweight design at 15 lbs including the hard shell case.
•   Dial controlled pressure for foot presser with six levels of increment for various thicknesses of fabric
•   Presser feet - includes specialized feet for buttonhole, satin stitches, blind hemming, overlocking, zippers, zigzag and seam work.


Janome DC6030 Accessories:

•   Zigzag Foot A
•   Overcasting Foot C
•   Rolled Hem Foot D
•   Zipper Foot E
•   Satin Stitch Foot F
•   Blind Hemming Foot G
•   Cording Foot H
•   Overedge Foot M
•   Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
•   Screwdriver
•   Screwdriver Key
•   Set of Needles
•   Lint Brush
•   Seam Ripper
•   Spool Holder (Large)
•   Spool Holder (Small)
•   Bobbins
•   Quilting Guide Bar
•   1/4" Seam Foot O
•   Button Sewing Foot T
•   Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
•   Felt Cushion




  1. Really happy with it! Review by Suzanne

    Janome machines have never let me down through the years, and neither has this one.
    While portable, this one is heavy enough that I can trust it with larger projects, where I might need to sew thicker materials. It’s just not “jumpy”, it feels really sturdy. It’s also great for my sewing class, I can transport it easily, it’s not hard to carry around and it is ready to use so fast.
    I’m overexcited with the foot control too; I haven’t had a machine like this before, but it sure is something else. To have both of your hands free and then just start it up when you are ready, it’s really a fine way to get a sewing job ready. It took me a while to get used to it, getting to sew and to coordinate well, but I got it done. And the foot control works fine even for smaller sewing projects, in fact I’d say it’s such a time saver.
    For those of you who are used to the old machines, that would need lubrication, with this computer one, forget it, no more of that mess!
    Within the computer portion, you get a stitch selector, but the fun part is that you have a button dedicated to it, so you don’t have to browse through a menu – it’s so much faster and better. Also, if you don’t understand how to use some features, the instructional DVD is a really well done. Also included are a neat extension table and extra feet, so quilting is extra easy to get done.
    My thinking is that for a beginner, or for someone just going to school to learn machine sewing, this one is a really well balanced machine. On one hand it allows great portability and on the other it is just so fun to use, so easy to get the job you want done, done!

  2. Great machine Review by Jane

    It was difficult for me to find a machine that was both serious, proficient, but also easy to carry around. I was attending one of those sewing classes and it took me a while until I found this baby, that is both a genuine machine and also an easy one to carry around. With it I can needle up and down, it’s there, I can cut a thread automatically and I can control the speed. The thread tension was pre-adjusted to perfection, and I needed do no more, it was ready t use.
    The DC6030 is just a no compromise machine, a sturdy workhorse, but so easy to carry around and feels so good in your hands. Really the kind of quality that inspires you, I’d say the perfect machine for a student.

  3. Lovely machine Review by Heidi

    I’m in the phase of getting accustomed to the DC6030, but I already like it a lot. It’s a feature full machine that really does a great job stitching, and most of all, it’s built really nicely, so that no matter what I have to do I just let it guide me. It even comes with instructions on how to use the foot control and to be honest, it’s so fun that it gave me a new lease of life in terms of my sewing passion. The built seems to be sturdy enough, and I’m pretty sure that it’ll work fine, for years to come. Oh and don’t get me started on the automatic thread cutter! What a nice feature!

  4. Very pleased Review by Dori

    I’m so happy I chose the DC6030, it’s a light machine but it feels solid when I work with it, it’s portable, it’s well designed and, since my days in high school, last time I was caught with this kind of work, I really didn’t think that a machine like this could be so functional, have so many new options.
    It took me a while to get re-acquainted with it, to use it to its full potential, but the DVD it comes with is really helpful, in no time I had it running and doing some real work with it.
    It’s only been 4 days since I’ve had it, and it’s definitely a machine I’m going to put to good use along the way. I’m delighted with it.

  5. So happy Review by Yvonne

    I’ve had sewing machines before, but I have to say, this one is one of the easiest to use, quietest and most fun to work with. It sews to perfection, it has an automatic thread cutter and I can also carry it around, to my quilting class and back.
    This machine is good for beginners or seasoned sewers, it works so well, such a terrific piece of equipment.

  6. Love Janome's Review by Leah

    My third Janome machine and the best I own!
    One of the coolest things about this machine is the fact that it comes with a display window, that is positioned right where you need it, slightly to the right, so that you can see it exactly as you sew, no issues, no problems. The machine also comes with a stitching pattern choice that is both smart and also, all of the stitchings work really well.
    When you want a proper machine, one that you can corner with well, and one that is easy to carry around, this one is it, no better choice in the price range, dimensions and the amount of extra features.


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